PSYC20006 Biological Psychology

Recommended? Yes
Available as Breadth? Yes

This subject covered topics such as neurotransmitters, sleep, memory, depression, emotion and brain imaging techniques, which were all interesting. . The first part (memory) can be a little dry but it is short. Piers Howe was the best lecturer of the four, as he managed to make the small statistics component of the subject fun and easy. It is important to memorize the authors of key studies and their findings (and how they built on other key studies) for his section. The psycho-pharmacology component is also excellent and again, each lecture focuses greatly on key studies.

The assignments (a lab report) were straightforward; however the markers were VERY picky about formatting in correct APA style (e.g. italicizing words correctly, and indentations, fonts). This subject is all about rote learning rather than concepts. The multiple choice format of the exam meant there was minimal work required, despite being 120 questions on the semester’s worth of content. The content is more science-oriented, but that can be a refreshing change for BAs.