The Design Process Explained

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Your essential checklist

1. Submit your job via online form (workflow begins!)

Have you thought about:

  • Job deadline
  • Date/location/time
  • Reference/inspiration images
  • Anything else you feel might help us
  • Anything specialised/not-so-usual
  • Is there enough time to promote?
  • Is copy spell checked/edited? 

2. Meeting?

Need some help getting your ideas together? Let us know and we’ll schedule a meeting.

3. 1st Draft of Design

Following your brief, we will present some initial design concepts as a starting point via Basecamp.

4. Revision

There are two rounds of changes that allow you to give feedback that helps us refine the presented designs.

5. Approval/Sign-off

Once you’re happy, we get your signoff in writing and supply you with the finished design items.

6. Production

We supply artwork to any print/merch suppliers* and manage delivery of materials. If there is production through an external supplier the quote must also be approved before we can send to print.

*We will retrieve quotes for any offsite production and this must be approved prior to sending to production. We will update you on any quotes, invoices, ETAs and updates along the way.

7. Circulation

Now start telling the world! Publish your Facebook events, update the website, tell your friends and we’ll distribute posters/publications across campus

8. Download assets

Download any assets created from the Basecamp project, then you’re done!
We will the archive the job 🙂


Want a print out for easy reference? CLICK HERE!