REVIEW: Simon Taylor – ‘Funny’

Words by Kathleen O’Neill

For Simon Taylor, it’s all about the use of language. Having just arrived back home from the United States, Taylor’s stand-up comedy act, Funny, is a sincere contribution to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that will leave mental images in your mind not easily forgotten.

With his endearing verbal expression and uninhibited gesticulation, Taylor cuts through the barriers of semi-anonymity and connects with his audience in a way that can only be described as poetry. It’s no surprise that this artist has a past in spoken word.

With a particular emphasis on the Australian language and its maybe-not-so-polite contexts, Taylor isn’t holding back when the opportunity arrives to articulate each syllable of a ‘dead dingo’s donger’—and the result is fantastic.

Though Taylor does not yet appear regularly on TV or radio, Funny will make you feel like you’ve been listening to him for years. And that’s not a bad thing, by any means.

Taylor doesn’t need more than one word to describe his comedy show. For Taylor, one word is enough, as long as you know how to use it. And undoubtedly he does. Do not miss this show.

Funny is performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 26 March to 20 April.