Special C

Special C is similar to Special K* in that it isn’t.

One is an application for special consideration that you make online when (clears throat) “exceptional or extenuating circumstances outside of your control” have had a “demonstrated impact on your ability to complete academic requirements” while the other is an artificial squishing of one of humanity’s oldest crops into the unsatisfying palatability of cardboard.

Much like Special K progressing through your digestive system, Special C should go through the University’s administrative system easily enough. Sometimes, a (ahem) blockage occurs either at SEDS, the faculty or review stage. The Advocacy Service may be the Metamucil that gets you going again.

We can advise you on how the system works, what the policy says on the issue and what results common practice have yielded. Even if we can’t get the blockage removed, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that you got a third party to have look at the, um, situation.

Also, if it’s more of a long term thing, then you might want to consider registering for Special C. But that’s another fandango.

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*We know you’re thinking about the other other Special K. Yeah, no.

This post was brought to you by the UMSU Advocacy Service.

They have a combined educational experience of approximately 500 years. Their collective HECS debt is zero per cent of your business. They call themselves ‘the justice league of UMSU’ (they have a poster on their wall to prove it). They are: the most interesting advocates in the world*.

*They are very likely not the most interesting advocates in the world.