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Please feel free to contact Harriet and Sara, Mudfest’s Artistic Directors, regarding your application. Email

In case you don’t already know, here is a little bit of info about Mudfest for you! (All of this info can also be found in the artist application form – EXCEPT THE VENUE INFO AND TOURS – please read below or head to the Facebook event for more info on these)

What is Mudfest?

Mudfest is a week-long creative arts festival celebrating the diverse and exciting world of student arts at the University of Melbourne. Since its humble beginnings in 1990 Mudfest has become a significant driving-force of creative innovation, and has established itself as a cultural icon on the emerging arts scene in Melbourne. Presented every two years by the University of Melbourne Student Union, Mudfest nurtures, encourages and supports new and innovative arts practices amongst students, while also providing them with professional and creative development opportunities.

Mudfest offers students  the unique opportunity to be a part of a festival environment that encourages cross-pollination with other disciplines and approaches, as well as fosters an environment of inclusion and development. In 2017 Mudfest will maintain the initiative of showcasing works that are environmentally sustainable, and accessible to people living with disability, encouraging artists to share their work in an inclusive and ethical environment.

The Mudfest team acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, learn and celebrate. We pay our respect to their elders past and present, and future.

2017 Theme

This year Mudfest will ask the question “How do we respond to an increasingly frightening world?” Under the theme ‘HATCH’ we hope to present responses that vary from kindness to rage, from small and quiet acts of hope, to loud and furious acts of resistance. The works will be cultivated with the aim to provoke both artistic and conscious growth.

Why should you apply?

Mudfest is a fantastic platform to exhibit and perform new work. The festival regularly draws significant crowds, offering you the chance to gain valuable exposure and an audience for your work. Participants will be provided with free performance and exhibition venues, professional development opportunities, grants to partially cover the material costs of realising your project, access to industry mentorships, and creative support.

Who can apply?

Inclusion in the Mudfest program is open to all current and past University of Melbourne students. If you study, or have ever studied at any of the university campuses, we would love to have you on board. Projects can have non- students and alumni involved, but past or current students MUST make up 75% of the people involved in the work.

What about money?

All tickets to shows will be a set price determined by the festival. The money from ticket sales will go straight back into the festival. You can specify in your application whether you envisage your work being ticketed or not, but it is ultimately at the discretion of the festival.

But what kind of art are we looking for?

Anything and everything! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling, but it’s in no way an exhaustive list:

  • Visual Art: sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, etc
  • Installations
  • Moving image: film and projection etc
  • Dance
  • Creative Writing: spoken word, poetry, short stories, play readings etc
  • Live / Digital Music
  • Cabaret
  • Theatre: plays, roving, performance art, puppetry, happenings, tours, musicals etc
  • Performance art


You will have the opportunity to visit the available venues for presenting your work in the weeks leading up to the application due date – we will be hosting tours of these venues at the following times:

  • Friday 31st March
  • Friday 7th April
  • Thursday 27th April 2pm, meeting at the Arts Lab, level 3, Union House
  • Friday 28th April 12pm, meeting at the Arts Office, level 1, Union House
  • Friday 28th April 4pm, meeting at the Arts Office, level 1, Union House (this tour won’t include the theatres)

Please email us to register for a time, or click attending on the facebook event.


…and have no idea how to answer the question about venues in the application, simply describe what kind of venue you would like. Possible things you could think about:

  • Inside or outside?
  • Do you want lots of foot traffic?
  • Do you want your work in a gallery space?
  • Do you need a theatre?
  • Or could it be in a cupboard under the stairs?
  • Do you want to do a little thing in the hub?
  • Do you want your work to be a permanent fixture throughout the festival?
  • Do you want a sink? Windows? Light or dark? Sound sensitive?

Tell us what would work best for your work and we can find a spot to make it happen!

Please remember that we will only be considering wheelchair accessible venues.


  • THE HUB: Our hub will be in the student lounge on level 1 of Union House. It overlooks North Court so let the ideas flowwww. The festival will be a takeover of Union House, so any space in the building is a possibility


  • WHAT ABOUT OUTSIDE UNION HOUSE: If you want to do something outside Union House, whether it be in another Parkville building, outside somewhere, at VCA or Burnley talk to us about it! Put it in your application! We can talk to the relevant powers that be for you and sus out options.



  • Level 3 Union House:
    • Arts Lab (lino flour, sink)
    • Training Rooms 1 and 2 (carpet floor, sinks, projection facilities, lots of windows)


  • Level 2 Union House:
    • George Paton Gallery (exhibition spaces, more info here)
    • Mary Cooke A and B (smaller meeting rooms, one big window, one glass wall facing landing)
    • Project spaces (visual arts exhibition cabinets of different shapes located around Union House more info here)
    • Joe Napolitano Rooms A and B, Graham Cornish Rooms A and B (Windows that can be blocked out, 3 with carpet floors, one with lino, glass walls facing landing that can also be blocked out. These have divider walls but can all be opened up to create one long space)
    • Rowden White Library (possible performance and exhibition options, screening room, more info here)


  • Level 1 Union House:
    • THE HUB! Located in the Student Bar. Will have a small stage, bar, possibilities for screening booths and exhibitions.
    • The Guild Theatre (more info here – you will not have to pay for this!)


  • Ground Floor Union House:
    • The Union Theatre (more info here – you will not have to pay for this!)
    • Members Lounge (very large space, only available as a ticketed venue in the eve, but possibilities for exhibitions or pop up performances during the day)


  • Other spaces to consider in and around the building:
    • Landings and Foyers
    • The basement (this has been done before!)
    • North Court (overlooked by the HUB, so many options!)
    • South court, Concrete lawns

The application process

Applications close at midnight, Monday the 1st of May

We strongly recommend coming in to chat to the artistic directors and creative producers about your application before you submit it. You may also be invited to meet with us regarding your work if there are any further inquiries. Requests to meet regarding the application process can be arranged by emailing the Creative Arts office at:

As a department dedicated to the production of student art, we are committed to approving as many works as possible for the festival. We will contact you regarding the outcome of your application between the 8th – 12th of May.

Artist Application Form

Artist Application Form

Venue Tours!

Venue Tours!

Union House Maps

Union House Maps