24 MAY- 2 JUNE
Closing Event: Wednesday 31 May, 5-7pm
Inverse Variation

Jaime Powell

Inverse Variation is an exploration of excess through mark making and lithography. It is an architectural experience of the print that involves the artist’s hand and emergent properties of pattern and repetition.

7b web Shifting plates.218

Jaime Powell
Shifting Plates 218
Lithograph on paper, 2011

Museum of Lost Public Notices

Coordinated by David Dellafiora and Phil Edwards

The Museum of Lost Public Notices is a community noticeboard installation consisting of posters which explore the role of art in relation to the individual and society.  Contributions from local and international artists from all stages of their careers are invited – send images to molpn2017@gmail.com.
7b WEB
David Dellafiora and Phil Edwards
Digital image, 2016