17 February to 28 February
Closing event: Thursday 27 February 5-7pm

Title TBC: 2020 VCA Graduate Exhibition
Curated by Matthew Siddall and Karl Halliday

Artists to be confirmed


4-13 March
Closing event: Thursday 12 March, 5-7pm

VCA Art Breadth students, Winter 2019 and Summer 2020
Coordinated by Celeste Chandler, Andrew Seward and Ebony Truscott

This exhibition showcases paintings produced by students who have undertaken Art and the Botanical in Winter 2019 and Summer 2020 as an Art Breadth subject at the Victorian College of the Arts.  Learning skills of drawing, painting and close observation, the students all produce a watercolour study of the humble potato. This exhibition presents these potato paintings on mass to highlight the amazing achievements of these students.

Arife Soyler, Untitled. Watercolour, 2019

Against Rationale
Madeleine Minack, Kaijern Koo and HeeJoon Youn

Against Rationale brings together three artists whose works engage with a refuting of rationale. In an incessantly chaotic world, these artists explore obsessions with the seemingly mundane in order to generate a sense of security. Against Rationale forms a community of bodies which address fragility, sensitivity, and nurture in a world of precarity.

Madeleine Minack, Untitled (gone but not forgotten). Metal, plastic, thread, 2019


18-27 March
Closing event: Thursday 26 March 5-7pm

The Renaissance of Earth
Meezaan Dickinson

2019 Mudfest award

The Renaissance of Earth is an exploration of humanity’s relationship with nature- set to reflect the dispute between despair and hope. Will the human race secure the fate of our planet or will we invite our own ruin by refusing to let go of greed for the sake of short-term economic gain?

Meezaan Dickinson, Hand in Heart. Acrylic on paper, 2014

Rosanna Blacket, Freda Drakopoulos, Julien Comer-Kleine, Iona Mackenzie and Jacq Wylestone

Lurking at the edges of consciousness, intangible experiences guide and propel while alluding overt expression. SceneUnseen explores reimagined, re-seen and unseen landscapes, sites and places – tapping into the unseen and inner forces that shape our interaction with the outer world, and ultimately influence our experience of being.

Jacq Wylestone, Walkingpainting 1#22 (detail). Oil on hardboard, 2018


1-9 April
Closing event: Thursday 9 April 5-7pm

Solar Eclipse
Fiona Shewan

Solar Eclipse investigates the 1922 expedition in Wahall, Western Australia that proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Using various time-based techniques, the work seeks to investigate duration. Printed in the darkroom using expired photographic paper and different finishes, these prints refract light in different ways to recontextualize temporal narratives.

Fiona Shewan, Untitled. Silver Gelatin Print, 2019

False Plasticity
Justyne Allen, Evelyn Pohl, Mona Quilty and Jessie Turner

False Plasticity is an exploration of the materiality of resin. Ranging in practice and function from jewellery to sculpture to taxidermy, this exhibition brings together works that demonstrate the diversity of this material and its applications in contemporary art.

Justyne Allen, Dirty Word. Epoxy resin, rhinestones, stickers, 2019


20-24 April
Event dates and times to be confirmed, check our website

Black Box White Cube: UHT/GPG Exchange
The ‘Black Box White Cube: UHT/GPG Exchange’ will see the Victoria College of the Arts Painting Department occupy the Guild Theatre, level 1 Union House and Union House Theatre presenting a performance in the George Paton Gallery

Left: Guy Grabowsky, Guild Theatre. Digital photograph, 2018
Right: Nick James Archer, George Paton Gallery. Digital photograph, 2018


6-15 May
Closing Event: Thursday 14 May 5-7pm

Sixia Hu

Time is an experimental project informed by the artist’s health education background and interest in the health benefits of meditation.  Through slow motion video and ambient music, Time aims to induce a meditative state of mind.

Sixia Hu, Time. Digital video still, 2019

The Musical
Evelyn Poh and Yundi Wang


THE NEEDLE. PIVOT. PUSH BACK. YELLING AT THE CLOUD. The Musical is an experiment that will attempt to find out if selected people, who haven’t worked together, can be compatible collaborators.

Evelyn Pohl and Yundi Wang, Diagram. Digital edit, 2019


20-29 May
Closing Event: Thursday 28 May, 5-7pm

I got some things to tell you
Yuying Pang

oh hey it’s yuying
hmm i’ve got some things to tell you in person tho…
so yeah…
come to the gallery after lunch I’ll be there waiting for you


Yuying Pang, Title. Digital image, 2019


You can hand it over if you want
Caitlin Shearer, Jackson McLaren, Madeleine Peters, Eugene Stewart, Seth Searle, Joseph Doggett Williams, Lachlan Stonehouse, Anthea Kemp, Elynor Smithwick, James Ashley + others

You can hand it over if you want utilises collaborative poetry and painting practices to rearrange the outdated trope of the ‘solitary artist’ and asks painters to actively engage and interfere with each other’s work. Playful modes of collaboration are called upon to realise the potentiality of making things together, in the hopes of beginning conversations, sparking narratives and fostering a dialogue of connectivity.

Jackson McLaren and Caitlin Aloisio Shearer, The Painter’s Table and Hi, How are you?
Acrylic Paint, watercolour, pencil and letraset on birch panel, 2019