22-31 MARCH
Closing Event: Wednesday 29 March, 5-7pm
An Outside Perspective
Melody Spangaro

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Melody Spangaro, Reaching. Charcoal on polyester film, 2016


An Outside Perspective is an exploration of the often over looked aspects of our immediate environments.

Natural forms and their place have always fascinated me. The intersection of time and environment,
happenstance, the connections between our interior and exterior environments that shape our

I see our physical connection with the external environment being affected by the immediacy of the world at our fingertips delivered to us with little effort. Reality is rarely a perfectly edited glossy, smooth experience as our electronic devices would have us believe. Life is more often messy, uncomfortable and less than
perfect, taking time and reflection to appreciate.

This series of charcoal floating drawings on translucent film looks beyond the obvious planned aesthetics of the Melbourne University Campus and aims to highlight the beauty, almost hidden, in the ordinary. The intersection of line and form, where light and shadow bathe a moment in time to reveal all the complexities and detail often unnoticed.

We are all passing through this same landscape but few pause long enough to see beyond the obvious.

Melody is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts and her work, figurative or environmental, is an investigation of self through manifestations of silence and noise, darkness and light and insignificance of place.

Where the Wild Things Are
Adam Beehre

Adam Beehre is the 2016 recipient of the GPG/Proud Award

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Adam Beehre, In Transit. Logs, plants, stone and trolley, 2016


Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s children’s book, ‘Where the Wild Things are’, Adam Beehre’s  installation presents us with a reinvention of nature within a fabricated environment. Utilising multiple tree logs, twigs, moss and plant life configured purposely for the gallery space, living and organic forms are manipulated into a sculptured image, shifting our perception of the natural world.

The assembling of micro landscapes-in-the-gallery is an escape into a fictional world, drawing the viewer to inspect and explore these forms closely and to scrutinise each log’s own particular habitat. Here everything becomes a ‘wild thing’.

Adam Beehre, explores nature by creating fictional environments constructed through the use of plants species with found materials. He is currently doing his Honours in Fine arts at VCA, University of Melbourne.

Archives of his work can be found at www.adambeehre.com