CLOSING EVENT: Wednesday 11 October, 5-7pm

Alex Selenitsch

ATMOSPHERES is a group of poems that use the words atmosphere, air, fog, mist, cloud, haze, smoke, mirror, and vacuum. Each word is turned into a separate poem, with the word typed up as a visual pattern, sometimes one word per page, sometimes run over a sequence of pages with one letter per page. The patterns are enlivened by the use of loose letters, typing displacements, and colours.

Although the patterns are visual, they are not pictorial. Instead of presenting pictures of air, mist, and so on, they are texts which work on the usual convention of left to right flow, using memory and prediction as reading qualities. The reader is asked to experience what the word stands for through their reading; hopefully, this will be an analogue of the all-enveloping semi-materiality of weather.

The poems have all been produced using a standard word processor program, accepting the A4 sheet size, been printed on a standard printer, and then wall papered to the wall in groups. Copies of the poems will be also available as paper prints in plastic office folders.

Alex Selenitsch is a Melbourne-based poet and architect and is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne. His creative practice ranges from literature and graphics to sculpture, furniture and architecture. His concrete poems were the first of the genre to be published in Australia. He continues to research and publish the visual possibilities of a spatial literature, mostly by exploiting the interaction of pre-set systems against improvisation and intuitive processes. He exhibits this work nationally, and examples are held in various national and state public collections. He is represented by grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane. A retrospective of his work, entitled LIFE/TEXT was shown at Heide MOMA, Melbourne, in 2016-2017.

Image: Alex Selenitsch, R from AIR. Word program, print on paper, 2016,


P O E T R Y: a text and word-based exhibition
Curated by Sandra Bridie

100+ contributions of text-based art works, including poetry, performance, video, sculpture and sound installations by students through to seminal Australian concrete poets.

POETRY is an exhibition of text-based works that bear a formal relationship to the space they occupy; such as the page, the book, the screen, the board, the wall, time, space, or take an art work as a starting point. Think of concrete poetry, text-works that utilise the page/book as a formal device, ekphrastic poems, word paintings, performance poetry, word & text-based video, and audio works.

Works submitted take the form of poetry publications, page works, paintings, sculptures, postcards, IPhone poetry, overhead projection on transparencies, a Mintie poem, floor works, hand made paper poems, a spoken-word choir, wearable poems, poetry portraits, audio and video works and more.

There will be a reading table set up in the gallery for viewers to read publications and a performance event coordinated by poet Ashley J Higgs.

Pierre van Osselaer, Sjaak de Jong, jeltje, Ashley J Higgs, Eddy Burger, Michael Farrell

Image: Sandra Bridie, POETRY. Digital image, 2017