20-29 MARCH

The Gnomon Experiments #3
Lucia Rossi

The Gnomon Experiments #3 record and map an abstract notion of space and time in relation to systems of measurement and representation. Using the sun and a range of constructed apertures as a frame-of-reference, the works question our perception of reality and our sense of being located within a wider universe.

With thanks to the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music Stuart Black Memorial Scholarship

Lucia Rossi, Gnomon #1 Expansion (detail). Microscope slides and acrylic paint, 2018


3-12 APRIL

undoing (or collegially suggested obstructions)
VCA second year Photography students

We all have ways of doing things, whether these are evident to ourselves, or not. In this exhibition, pairs of second year VCA Photography students analyse each other’s works for patterns or repeated elements. From here they suggest to the other to either reverse, eliminate or change one element to create a quiet sort of havoc for the maker. Once the works are made, the colleague will then install the other’s work in the gallery, potentially undoing some of the intentions of the maker/artist.

Sanja Pahoki and Kiron Robinson, obstructed doorway
Digital image, 2018


1-17 MAY

 The Union Art Collection: Recent acquisitions 2016-18 and selected works
Sam Petersen, I-yen Chen, Caitlin Patane, Julia Stewart, Kenneth Suico, Marcus Volz, Lauren Dunn, Miles Davis, Lauren Dunn, Guy Grabowsky, Ben Stephens, Belinda Reid, Tia Ansell, Casey Jeffery, John Elcatsha, Jemi Gale, Belinda Reid and Evan Whittington

Each year The Union Art Collection acquires new works from University of Melbourne students via commissions, and graduate exhibitions for display in spaces around the Student Union. This exhibition is an opportunity to display and celebrate our most recent acquisitions in the space of the George Paton Gallery.

This exhibition has been installed by Masters of Curation students in an installation workshop mentored by artist/installer Simon McGlinn.

Catalogue #122: Kenneth Suico, LAYER CUTZ (detail)
C-type photograph, 2015


22-31 MAY

Black Box                     White Cube
Guild Theatre               George Paton Gallery

A spatial exchange between the George Paton Gallery and Guild Theatre

From the 22nd till the 31st of May Union House Theatre and the George Paton Gallery will be exchanging venues.


A Lonely Crowd
Directed by Xanthe Beesley with collaboration from UHT’s Writer in Residence Emma Hall

Performances on 29, 30 May and 1 June.

Is it lonely in here? Or is that just me…
A sort-of dance work and talkfest of inaction about being lonely in a truly crowded world.

Contact: uht@union.unimelb.edu.au


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ARE SOUGHT FOR PARTICIPANTS from Performance, Writing, Art and Sound students to create Equidistant Objects: A Cagean experiment, coordinated by Sandie Bridie with mentors Freya McGrath (performance/movement), Michael Farrell (writing), David Chesworth (composition) and Melanie Irwin (visual art). Video documentation of the project by Channon Goodwin.

Equidistant objects: A Cagean experiment, a non narrative, cross-disciplinary performance project in the Guild Theatre

In late May, I will be coordinating a non-narrative, cross-disciplinary project in the Guild Theatre from 22-31 May called Equidistant Objects: a Cagean experiment. Inviting the idea of expert and inexpert production, I hope each student will devise a component for the project that incorporates aspects of sound, text, movement and visual art.

Equidistant Objects: A Cagean experiment, provides the opportunity for University of Melbourne students interested in the following artistic disciplines; writing, contemporary music, performance and visual art, to create a hybrid performance work in the Guild Theatre, working across all the four areas.

The students will be mentored by exemplars in each discipline, who will give a workshop on their practice, which will entail a presentation followed by a hands-on workshop.

It is anticipated that each participant will create or collaborate utilizing skills and methods from each discipline, based on the approach given by the mentors in their workshops; bringing both expert and inexpert approaches into the final performed work, which will be presented in the Guild Theatre on 30 May.

Behind the scenes video documentation will be by Channon Goodwin, director Bus Gallery and coordinator of documentation project Fellow Traveller.

Students need to be available from 22-30 May
Workshops and development from 22-29 May
Public Event: Thursday 30 May
Location for entire program: Guild Theatre, level 1, Union House

Workshop mentors/exemplars: 
Freya McGrath, movement/dance
Melanie Irwin, sculpture
Michael Farrell, writing
David Chesworth, music 
Video documentation of the project, Channon Goodwin

Please send Expressions of Interest, no more than an A4 page to Sandie Bridie by April 28   s.bridie@union.unimelb.edu.au

Guild Theatre (left) George Paton Gallery (right)
Digital photography. George Paton photograph by Nick James Archer, 2017




Isabella Froebel, Jamie Harrop, Ariane Jaccarini, Taylah Kelly, Kaitlin Linke, David Lowe and Zea Rous
Curated by Kara Rodski

Through notions of beauty, authoritative power and surveillance, identity, food, body parts, and politics, seven artists explore the presence of the uncomfortable that is hidden and interwoven in our everyday lives. Seeking to provoke unsettling and uneasy feelings or reactions through exposure to familiar yet foreign or displaced aesthetics, we invite the audience to confront the uncomfortable.

IMAGE: Taylah Kelly, I am beautiful (detail). Digital colour print, 2018


6-15 MARCH

Snapshots of Simultaneity
Anna Kennedy

This project compresses static social media images from one year into a single moving image. Transforming this model of time narrated as a series of images, into an algorithmic model based on measuring a personal relation to each image (memory) and using that relationship as a new dimension within the film. The film replicates the function and cognitive behaviour of memory (fading in and out, its exemption from time and its relativity), while also commenting on our digital avatars as a substitution for our own memory.

Anna Kennedy, Snapshots of Simultaneity (detail). Digital video still, 2018



Project of Colour
Po Han Kung

This portrait series celebrates the existence, resistance, and persistence of People of Colour communities whose representations are often compromised or politicised. Through a collaborative process, the creator/photographer of this series and his participants explored the multifaceted construction of their identities, sharing personal stories of conflicts, negotiation, and harmony.

Po Han Kung, Olivia. Digital photograph, 2018