Dis ~ Int ~ Er
Skye Baker, Nina Prendergast and Ellen Sayers 

Nina Prendergast, ‘Solitaire’. Resin, 2021

Diving deep to reveal the subterranean slumbers of cryptic crypts, buried narratives, and half-forgotten symbols, Dis ~ Int ~ Er offers up artefacts from three artists’ exploratory excavations. Considering acts of breaking the surface as significant events that capitulate us into unknown realms, Nina Rose Prendergast, Ellen Sayers and Skye Malu Baker engage the disruptive potential that the rupture and manipulation of surfaces can have. Their works harness death-metal aesthetics, enigmatic symbols, and the agency of materials that they co-create with, to muse upon the architectural and symbolic structures that we build for ourselves. In deviating from pre-approved templates – through defacing, piercing and challenging the integrity of their surfaces – we ask, is it possible to push against these structures in an effort to properly articulate our own individual lived experiences? And, in doing so, can we understand our tendency to fix, categorise and entomb ourselves somewhat better?

Ellen Sayers, Skye Malu Baker and Nina Rose Prendergast are Naarm/Melbourne-based artists whose practices encompass sculpture, drawing, painting, print-making and photography. Forming a collective in 2020 that took the formal exploration of surfaces as its focus, they have been grateful to work on Wurundjeri Land to realise this exhibition.