EXHIBITION | Transient Lapses by Fiona Martin

Fiona Martin makes work using the mediums of video, soundscape, performance and installation. Her work, fecundated by historic and modern feminist thought, investigates consciousness, rights to leisure and self-actualisation, and the frisson of liminal space as a realm of fundamental growth and learning.

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Fiona Martin, ‘My Hand Ascends (After Bill Viola). Video, 2020

This work is a response to the video artwork Ascension by Bill Viola. My Hand Ascends is a repudiation of the patriarchal gender imbalance regarding who has leisure and space to dream. It is a reminder about the global reliance on the free labour of women to take on drudgery, in order to clear space for men to dream, philosophize and create. I decided to elevate (ascend) my hand on behalf of all women and their hard-working hands.


Fiona Martin, ‘Channeling’. Video, 2020

I am ‘channeling’ my deceased brother and his idiosyncratic dancing style. I am shifting from my consciousness in the present to a ‘shared’ consciousness of questionable authenticity, albeit meaningful.


Fiona Martin, ‘Mourning’. Video, 2020

This piece works on the functioning brain and its capacity to respond to suggestion. The loose narrative requests an interpretation by the viewer, gleaned from the disparate words.


Fiona Martin, ‘4 X hands’. Video, 2020

This work explores time, and succinctly lays out the lifecycle of dexterity and the bell-curve of strength.



My sound works present consciousness shifts and physical in-between zones as realms of discovery. These liminal spaces may resolve questions, bring comfort or allow an imagining of alternatives. The authenticity or not of the acts and imaginings, fade in importance compared with the recalibrating and didactic potential of residing in these zones.

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Fiona Martin, ‘Utero Ocean Station’. Audio work, 2020


Fiona Martin, ‘Hoist Mix 2″. Audio work, 2020


Fiona Martin, ‘Kept’. Audio work, 2020


Fiona Martin, ‘Speaking in Tongues’. Audio work, 2020


Fiona Martin, ‘7 Levels of Consciousness’. Audio work, 2020