Featuring five artists from the Victorian College of the Arts 2017 Graduate Exhibition, Trace-makers is a contemporary exploration of the body and self-explored through physical and implied presence. Investigations of trace making through gestures of the hand invite the audience to experience feelings of absence, paradoxically affirming the power of presence both in the works themselves and indeed the day-to-day spaces humans occupy.


We are present in our homes, we fill its spaces and exist within it, leaving traces of ourselves as we go. Trinkets of our lives seep behind the cushions of the couch, our footsteps reveal how we interact with its structure: through observation and collection the perception of body and home as separate entities begins to dissolve.


The Repositioning of Objects that Once Functioned consists of a series of sculptures that have been derived from an investigation of materiality. Drawing on actions of fitting things together, the artworks deal with the formal qualities of balance, colour, surface and form.

Sean McDowell is the recipient of the 2017 GPG/PROUD award


Drawing on the movie Xanadu (1980), Beyer’s work investigates the idea of Sehnsucht, a German word which means, ‘the soul’s longing for something impossible or unknown’, escapism and liminal space, or, the threshold where transformation takes place.


Alien Party in the Swamp, Haydn’s debut solo exhibition, showcases an interdisciplinary practice probing sexuality, the unconscious, and spirituality in the twenty-first century. Photography, the audio-visual, and found materials explore a disharmony between the organic and synthetic.


The student union has been a constant yet ever evolving part of campus life, mirroring the changing student demographics over the decades. This exhibition presents the history of UMSU’s autonomous departments and surveys how the student union has been at the forefront of progressive social action.


#fromwhereIstand uses as its starting point an Instagram tag and a 2017 image shot from the window of a rented room in Finland. Final year Masters of Contemporary Art students from the VCA will each develop and make work that responds to these prompts while taking into account their relationship to the site of the GPG.