24 MAY- 2 JUNE
Closing Event: Wednesday 31 May, 5-7pm
Inverse Variation

Jaime Powell

Inverse Variation is an exploration of excess through mark making and lithography. It is an architectural experience of the print that involves the artist’s hand and emergent properties of pattern and repetition.

7b web Shifting plates.218

Jaime Powell

Shifting Plates 218
Lithograph on paper, 2011

Museum of Lost Public Notices

Coordinated by David Dellafiora and Phil Edwards

The Museum of Lost Public Notices is a community noticeboard installation consisting of posters which explore the role of art in relation to the individual and society.  Contributions from local and international artists from all stages of their careers are invited – send images to
7b WEB
David Dellafiora and Phil Edwards

Digital image, 2016

22 February – 3 March
Badra Aji, Trent Crawford,  Tara O’Conal, Dalton Stewart and Hayley Tan
Curated by Kat Kohler

1 web

In Liminoid, recent graduates from the VCA School of Art explore both analogue and digital  encounters through the mediums of film, sound, and sculptural methods. Each work offers emotive and aesthetic experiences and an altering of perceptual states in the viewer. With reference to the concept of  liminality and the in-between threshold, the exhibition seeks to evoke a transformative experience. The end result encourages an investigation of one’s spatial awareness.

Melbourne-based, Indonesian-born artist, Badra Aji works with photo-media, text, video, and printmaking with a primary focus on drawing. His works materialise his relationships and encounters as artefacts while exploring the gaps between visual and verbal language. In 2016, Badra received the prestigious Majlis
Travelling Scholarship, the Garry Grossbard Drawing Prize and the Blair Trethowan TCB Art Inc. awards.

Interested in dissecting images and technology to explore them in a passive state, Trent Crawford’s work
focuses on entering the in-between moments in time where the subject or material exists in a state of lapse, often with their function absent. By disassembling, restructuring and repurposing new media, he calls into question how the framing devices of screens and filters are active in the construction, fragmentation and degeneration of the image.

Tara O’Conal uses video and sound media to explore the body’s relationship to objects, spaces and environments. She graduated from VCA with First Class Honours. Tara is a current research candidate at the VCA Master of Fine Arts program.

Dalton Stewart takes multidisciplinary approaches to his ongoing exploration of sublimity through spatial practice. His new oeuvre confers the canon of painting with a sculptural agency. He is particularly interested in image surfaces and expanding the phenomenological potential of the digital image. His approaches to image alteration examine the duality between analogue and digital processes around imagery, clarifying the qualitative, sensory and aesthetic experiences that are related.

Sitting herself on the ledge of windows, Hayley Tan’s practice explores the space in between and longing, Malaysia and Australia, past and present; the Self and Other. She attempts to mediate the dialogue between these dualities through the windows of the architecture she inhabits, manipulating them using video and large-scale projections. Hayley’s navigation of space and culture thinly veils a deeper interest in articulating a sense of home and belonging in the world. In 2016, Hayley received the Majlis Encouragement Award (Painting).

Curator, Kat Kohler, is a current Master of Art Curatorship student from Chicago, Illinois and Victoria, British Columbia. Her background is in Anthropology and Art History from the University of British Columbia.
IMAGE: Trent Crawford, LCD (Liquid crystal displacement). LCD, fluorescent, 2016


8-17 MARCH
Closing Event: Wednesday 15 March, 5-7pm
I Am Not
Jessie McClure

For the exhibition I Am Not, Jessie McClure attempts to define practice through a process of identification and subsequent negation. Using fabric, text and domestic objects, the work investigates the potential benefits and dangers of ambition for emerging artists.

2a web
Jessie McClure
Denim and found materials, 2016

Inside The Belly of The Cosmic Fish
Jai Leeworthy

Inside The Belly of The Cosmic Fish takes the silver plastic film used in food packaging to make a temple for a fish deity. The installation will imagine an oceanic mythology to map patterns of international trade and environmental destruction.

2b web
Jai Leeworthy
Digital photograph, 2016



22-31 MARCH
Closing Event: Wednesday 29 March, 5-7pm

An Outside Perspective
Melody Spangaro

An Outside Perspective brings the external natural world into George Paton Gallery. A series of drawings represents the often overlooked parts of nature- it’s messy roots and prickly shrubs. It aims to highlight the beauty present in the ordinary and encourage visitors to momentarily look up from their screens and connect with their natural surroundings.

3a web

Melody Spangaro
Charcoal on polyester film, 2016

Where the Wild Things Are
Adam Beehre

Adam Beehre creates fictional environments constructed with a combination of plant species and found materials. His invented environments discretely engage questions of deforestation; a significant issue of concern that is currently surfacing in Australia.

3b web
Adam Beehre
In Transit
Logs, plants, stone and trolley, 2016



5-13 APRIL
Closing Event: Wednesday 12 April, 5-7pm
Visualisation of mathematical, algorithmic and data-derived patterns and structures

Marcus Volz

This exhibition explores the inherent visual beauty of mathematics and computation. The works, which are computationally generated, include static visual displays of mathematical patterns and structures, and dynamic animations of mathematical processes. Areas explored include mathematical optimisation, generative algorithms, fractals, cellular automata, machine learning and data visualisation.

4a web volz generative algoriths 2B - rw

Marcus Volz
Generative algorithm 2b-rw

Digital image, 2016

Informal Learning
Coordinated by Kym Maxwell

This exhibition invite students of Melbourne University to respond to the provocation What ‘value’ is there in assessment? Together we will look at timely assessment within and outside institutes, forms of feedback, formal and informal and even openly assess the lecturers themselves. We will consider how assessment shapes learning.

4b web
Kym Maxwell
Websearch ‘assessment’, December 9th 2016. Found:
Digital image, 2016



26 APRIL – 5 MAY
Closing Event: Wednesday 3 May, 5-7pm

Group Conversation; Australia’s Shame

Participating artists: Amber-Rose Aktinson, Melena Jane Aktinson, Paul Barnes, Billy Coulthurst, Sean Mc Dowell, Edwina Green, Jordie Halsall, Sam Harrison, Mark Hoffman, Naoise Holloran, Jamira Hunter, Aurora Materia, Josh Muir, Hannah Nilsson, Tiriki Onus, Isabel Rumble, Madeline Simm, Bronte Stolz, Khi-Lee Thorpe, and others
Coordinated by Sam Harrison

Airports are sterile places and Cairns airport is no exception. A young boy, no more than 13 is led in, escorted by two mountains in blue. His eyes sparkle, his grin is lopsided. His blue shirt is a bit baggy and his summer shorts a little too small. Upright, with arms pinned to his sides by brutish hands. Feet
dragging a little, being carried a little. His eyes go past, seeing, but not seeing us. We are part of the crowd. And then he’s gone, hidden behind airport
security doors. 

I am a young Australian Indigenous artist and curator. Kamilaroi on my father’s side and English on my mother’s. Family, learning, identity, healing and protest are the central themes of my practice. I am  the second of four brothers who have had little chance to meet. Thoughts of incarceration, institutionalization and child detention have always troubled me, especially in regards to my little brothers.

Group Conversations; Australia’s Shame  is the manifestation of my own want to discuss these issues with as many people as possible around me in light of the recent mainstream media spotlight on the ABC Four Corners episode “Australia’s Shame” and the subsequent political and social responses. Students throughout VCA and University of Melbourne, as well as artists, performers and mentors have been invited to be part of this discussion.

The closing night is going to be a lively one, with food and drink, music, song, an artist’s talk and an interactive panel discussion.

4:30pm Smoking Ceremony
5:00pm Artist’s Talk
5:45pm Song by John Wayne Parsons
6:00pm Panel Discussion 

Hope to see you there!


5 web
Sam Harrison
Forged Seeds
Work on paper, 2016



10-19 MAY
Closing Event: Wednesday 17 May, 5-7pm
Finding Form
VCA Sculpture and Spatial Practice students

Sculpture 17 presents new work from students within VCA’s Sculpture and Spatial Practice Studio. Collectively it reflects an approach to sculptural thinking and making that is not simply beholden to the traditional art object but rather extends into all facets of cultural production.

6 web
Yuval Rosinger
Noise is Free (Detail)
Timber, various found materials, 2016