eBooks + eAudiobooks

To borrow eBooks:

  • Good news! You can now self-register online to use the Rowdy’s collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks. You’ll need your student/staff card handy to enter the barcode number when signing up. Due to the current library closure, there are now no borrowing restrictions for eBook/eAudiobook loans (ie. if you have overdue IRL library items, you can still borrow eBooks).
  • To sign up online go to e-books.union.unimelb.edu.au , click the “sign in” link in the top right corner & enter your barcode number & a PIN or password of your choice
  • Download the free Overdrive app from the iTunes App Store. Overdrive works with all smart devices (except some Kindles), and will work on your desktop too.
  • Open the Overdrive app and search for “Rowden White Library”
  • Sign in using the 14-digit barcode on your student/staff card and your library password (this will be the same one as you use to renew RWL items online.)
  • Terms of loan are 3 weeks and you can have up to 10 e-books.

To browse our available eBooks, visit: e-books.union.unimelb.edu.au