Students learning to set up theatre lights

Photo: Lighting Workshop, by Shang-Lien Yang


N.B applications for the current round of mentorships have closed

Do you need a mentor – someone to guide you in your creative process? Maybe you just need a sounding board for your ideas or to feel artistically motivated. There are plenty of reasons to connect with a mentor, and during this time of isolation due to COVID-19 – it might be just the thing you need to feel inspired. Perhaps you can’t make the type of work you want to right now, but you can build relationships and ideas for the future

Union House Theatre (UHT) is offering students this incredible opportunity to be mentored by our professional staff and industry artists. This year we are teaming up with the University of Melbourne Theatre Board to present a larger mentorship program than ever before. Successful applicants will be paired up with someone by UHT, and over the course of 6 weeks undertake three Zoom mentoring sessions. The mentor will also set creative tasks to give you something practical to work on.

Mentorships available:   

  • Artistic Leadership / Producing
  • Production Management
  • Arts Administration / Marketing
  • Technical (Sound / Light)
  • Stage Carpentry / Set Building
  • Devising theatre
  • Choreography / Dance
  • Directing
  • Design (Set, Costume)
  • Movement / Physical Theatre
  • Stage Management
  • Inclusive Practice
  • LGBT+ / queer performance
  • Interdisciplinary / Contemporary Performance
  • Bi-lingual Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Composition for Theatre