You should never have to go hungry

The Welfare Department’s Food Bank is a service available to all students at the university in need of assistance. Student life is expensive and often, students skip meals to pay for bills and rent. According to Universities Australia, roughly 1 in 5 students regularly go without food, which is really heartbreaking. If you are struggling to afford food, we’re here to help.

How to access the Food Bank?

Parkville Campus

You can pick up a pack anonymously from the UMSU Information Desk on the Ground Floor of Union House by approaching one of the friendly staff members. Alternatively, please email your Welfare Officers, Natasha Guglielmino & Ashwin Chhaperia, at to arrange a time to pick up a pack. You can also pop by the Welfare Office on the 1st floor of Union House and access the Food Bank during office hours.

Southbank Campus

You don’t need to travel to the Parkville campus as we have ample food packs down at Southbank for VCA & MCM students. Food packs can be picked up at the Service Desk on the ground floor of the Southbank Hub (building 863) during opening hours or on request from the UMSU Southbank Officer.



We rely on donations to ensure we never have to turn down a student. We accept all sorts of donations ranging from canned food to tea bags and even household items like soap and toothpaste. To make a contribution, please visit the Welfare Office or email us at