UMSU International is the peak representative body of all international students in University of Melbourne. The current committee has been working hard for the welfare of international students and now it is your turn to take charge.

UMSU International is holding its Annual General Election for UMSU International Committee 2015/2016. The details are as follows:

Nomination Period

    • The nomination form is in International student lounge (2nd floor, Union House). Please submit the form with a copy of your student ID card.
    • Starts from 12pm, 6th April 2015 – 5pm, 27th April 2015
    • UMSU International student lounge

UMSU Intl AGE Regulations
UMSU International Committee Duties and powers
Nomination Form 2015

Information Session

  • Applicants  interested in running for the election are encouraged to attend this session to find out more about the role of each position and the election. The current committee member will explain their responsibilities.
  • Date: 14th April
  • Time: 12-2pm
  • Venue: Training Room 1 and 2 (Third Floor, Union House)

Policy Speech Session

  • The candidates will present a speech regarding their policy and all international students are encouraged to attend this session and ask questions.
  • Date: 6th May
  • Time: 12-2pm
  • Venue: Theater C, Old Arts Building

Voting Session

  • All international students are eligible to vote. To vote, please bring your student ID.
  • Date & Time: 12-5pm from 6th May to 8th May 2015
  • Venue: Mary Cooke Room B  and FBE Building (UMSU Info Desk)

 Current available positions

  • One (1) UMSU International President
  • One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Education and Welfare)
  • One (1) UMSU International Vice-President (Cultural and Social)
  • One (1) UMSU International Secretary
  • One (1) UMSU International Treasurer
  • One (1) UMSU International Education and Welfare Director
  • One (1) UMSU International Cultural and Social Director
  • One (1) UMSU International Communications Director
  • One (1) UMSU International Human Resource Director
  • One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Director
  • Four (4) UMSU International Education and Welfare Officers
  • Five (5) UMSU International Activities Officers
  • Three (3) UMSU International Communications Officers
  • One (1) UMSU International Partnership and Sponsorship Officer

**Note: Australian PR or New Zealand PR can run for the following positions; Secretary, Treasurer, Director and Officer

Those with Australian Citizenship can only run for Director and officer positions.

For the role of each position, please find the UMSU International regulation located in UMSU International Student Lounge, 2nd floor of Union House.

For any inquiries, please contact

Jia Hui Ong

Cindy Dessidia Gamal