“Core subject for Second year of Biomedicine. 25 credit point subject and so it rightfully requires quite a bit of work and study. The topics covered were amazing and really interesting. Subject was broken into 5 main topics: Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Immunity and Pathology. Each topic has a CAL and accompanying quiz; and at the end of semester, there are two exams. In the first week, Terry Mulhern will hit you with the 20 amino acids (structure and properties) and the 10 steps of glycolysis, 8 steps of Krebs cycle and 5 steps of the electron transport chain… start learning them early, it will really help!
I advise that you start studying EARLY, don’t miss any lectures, don’t fall behind. Its an awesome subject; it gave a taste of many important and awesome topics in human biology; I really really really loved it, but requires lots of work. Enjoy it!”

Would you recommend this subject? YES