“This course is an introduction to all things to do with maps: history of maps, different kinds of maps, how to make maps and take measurements, how to interpret maps, what makes a good map, modern mapping technologies, and much more. It serves as the first stepping-stone into the geomatics program, but it is relevant to other fields as well. It’s a great “holistic” subject.

The lecturer, Cliff Ogleby, is absolutely brilliant. He is one of the few lecturers without a PhD, but that hasn’t stopped him winning no fewer than three “teaching excellence” awards! He’s really passionate, enthusiastic, and soft-hearted. However, despite Cliff’s endearing charm, many people decide not to show up to lectures (in my opinion, this is a real shame…) The lectures are recorded, and slides are posted on the LMS well in advance.

Kenny Tan, the senior tutor, runs most of the prac classes. He is a lovable character, quite keen and pretty funny (hence the name Kenny?). In the pracs you have to form groups of four people to work with for the entire semester – all assessment is group-based (except the online test at the end of semester). Basically, in the prac classes, you just work on your group assignments – one week you gather data for the project, the next week you write up the report. Kenny says you don’t necessarily have to do homework for this subject, but if you want top marks, you should be prepared to pitch in outside class time and write detailed chunks of Discussions etc for the reports.

No exam! Yay. But there is an online test worth 25% in the final week of semester – so beware of not bothering to keep up with the lecture material!

On the whole, this is an excellent subject. I loved it, and everyone I spoke to loved it too. Whether you’ve heard of geomatics or not, you’ll grow to love it through this subject. It’s also a great breadth option for non-BEnvs/BSc”

Would you recommend this subject?  yes