“Human Structure and function was quite good. It consists of three main sections 1) Physiology 2) Pharmacology 3) Anatomy. the lectures are organised (or unorganised?!) in such a way that you cover the part of the body and its anatomy and physiology at roughly the same time. 

The anatomy was intense, and the pracs (real cadavers!) were quite intense, but overall pretty amazing. Advice for anatomy: they expect you to know everything! no tiny detail is insignificant. stay on top of the material, use the ADSL and pracs to help and you should be fine! 🙂 

The Physiology was also good, but at times it wasn’t taught very well. Here is where the textbook (Human Physiology- an integrated approach, Silverthorne) becomes your best friend. stay on top of the readings and answer the questions! (why, you may ask? well, they all have answers… and I noticed a very clear similarity between one of the questions on the exam and one of the questions in the book!!)

Pharmacology, was quite interesting. Lots of drugs to remember (remember them all!), but interesting. 
Overall, HSF was a good subject, but don’t fall behind- stay on top of all the readings and exercises :)”

Would you recommend this subject? YES


“This is not an easy subject that you can expect to get an easy pass in. If you’re not motivated to learn about the body, don’t bother, here are heaps of people who are and will do a lot better than you as they are interested and motivated.

Some of the lecturers go way too quickly and talk about trash really sloooowly and then zoom through the important stuff.

Practicals are fun and helpful so don’t wag them.

Don’t buy the textbooks, not worth it. Use online resource, Anatomedia, to supplement learning.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they do not provide practice exams so look up the biomed’s similar subject for papers. The ADSLs have unlimited tries and goes so get 100% everytime as it counts towards your mark..PRINT SCREEN QUESTIONS AND EXPLAINED ANSWERS FOR EXAM REVISION.”

Would you recommend this subject? NO