“Microbes was a great subject. there was a lot of content to know, but it was awesome. We covered a few main topics:
1) Gastroenteritis 
2) Respiratory infections 
3) Sexually transmitted infections 
4) Nosocomial infections 
5) Symbiotic infections as well as few other infections.
In each of these topics, we looked at bacteria/viruses/parasites that can cause the disease, how the immune system responds, how it is diagnosed in a lab and how it is treated. in each of these topics, we also looked at the epidemiology of the diseases.

By the end of semester, we had covered about 40 different microbes, which seems intimidating, but it wasn’t too bad. It was a challenge to remember everything, but it was really interesting and enjoyable.

The pracs were good. Don’t be intimidated by the three-hour pracs: they were always related to the lectures and guided our overall learning of the main topics. 

The lecturers are awesome and really helpful. “

Would you recommend this subject? YES