Words by Michelle See-Tho

If you happened to catch some low harmonies in the air at the Arts Centre this year, it’s because Perfect Tripod was back in town. The a cappella trio feat. Eddie Perfect performed Australian Songs for a short stint in this year’s Comedy Festival.

Fans of a cappella would have loved it, but it’s harder to tell whether fans of old school Tripod did. There was little of the satirical Revenge of the Nerds style Tripod have been famous for in the past.

Instead, the show is a medley of a cappella covers of Australian songs.

Every member of Perfect Tripod has a strong voice and good pitching, so the quality of the sound was always beautiful—even though they had to tune themselves to beer bottles. Highlights included Gotye’s ‘Heart’s A Mess’, The Reels’ ‘Quasimodo’s Dream’, and—introduced as “our national anthem”—‘You’re The Voice’.

But the ‘comedy’ aspect of the show was minimal. It seemed more like a concert with occasional jokes than a comedy show. Adding Eddie Perfect wasn’t necessarily a bad choice, but it seems he might have been the reason for the lack of comedic music. Regardless, it was a stunning and heart-warming set.

The boys are aging. Scod—once a nerdy love interest for me—now has a receding hairline and is a little wrinkled. But he’s still as charming as he was in the days of Middleborough Rd. Eddie Perfect seemed a little out of place, but that’s probably because I just knew him as Mick from Offspring. He admitted joining Tripod was like trying to jump into the big skipping rope in a primary school yard.

Having said all that, there’s not one thing wrong with Australian Songs; music, geeks, and music geekery hardly make a bad combination.