What happens if I’m too sick to complete an assessment? 

What happens in an unexpected event occurs around the time of my assessment?

I’m already unwell will the University help me?

Will the university believe me?

What proof will I need?
If you’ve asked yourself these questions, or just want to know more about the special consideration process, we will be running you through the step by step of the application process. Each sheet of paper, one box at a time, explaining EVERYTHING. So when, and if, you need to do it, you’ll have a minds eye of the entire process.


Monday, 1pm –  2pm, 25th of February

Tuesday, 3pm – 4pm, 5th of March







Everyone struggles at the end of semester.  Sometimes the stress to meet deadlines or the pressure of sitting exams becomes too difficult for some students.

In the past, this has led students to forge or falsify medical documents and certificates (or purchase falsified documents online) in order to obtain special consideration.  While this may not seem particularly serious, it definitely is.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, forge or falsify medical documents or HPR forms in order to obtain special consideration.  Falsifying documents is considered fraud and treated far more severely than other academic misconduct such as plagiarism.  If you are caught falsifying medical documents for ANY REASON you are likely to have your enrolment terminated.

At the Advocacy Service we can help you with many things, but unfortunately if you are caught with falsified documents we are extremely limited in what we can achieve.  Come and see us BEFORE things get too desperate so that we can help you apply for special consideration or explore other options that might be available to you.

Here are some videos we made a few years ago – English, Mandarin, and Indonesian. Tell your friends, spread the word. DO NOT USE FAKE DOCUMENTS. EVER.

Find out more about misconduct. If you need to, contact us here.