UMSU stands with Drew Pavlou — President News 2 June, 2020

UMSU stands in solidarity with University of Queensland student Drew Pavlou, an elected student representative who has just suspended for 2 years for speaking out against the University. We are concerned about the nature of his charges and how this appears to be a politically targeted attack.

Despite this suspension occurring in a different state, this matter is relevant to all student unions as it is detrimental to the student movement. Drew’s suspension has set an incredibly dangerous precedent, and limits the freedom of expression on our campuses. This suspension shows that Australian universities are trying to silence student activists and silence criticisms about university administrations. Student representatives are elected to represent student interests, which are often different from what universities are trying to push. Student representatives should never be punished for speaking out about the inaction of universities.

UMSU will always stand up for student rights, and we will continue to speak out against the University if they are not acting in student interests. We condemn the actions of the University of Queensland.

Hannah Buchan
UMSU President