UMSUIntl Co-Option

Joining UMSU International
“Do you feel that your life as a tertiary student only constitutes assignments, tutorials and lectures? Do you want to expand your social network as well as the horizon in your Melbourne Experience? Are you interested in gaining some exposure in leadership roles and event/project management? If your answer is `yes’ for any of the questions above, UMSU International would like to invite you to join us today!

What is Co-option?
“Co-option is when our acting committee hold interviews to hand-pick the best and the brightest from a list of applicants. Co-option is generally extremely competitive so it’s recommended that one have experience relevant to the roll they are applying to.”

Requirements for running for Co-option:

All students of the University of Melbourne are eligible to run for co-option.

How do I sign up for Co-option?

Check out the relevant dates, locations, and roles here.


Application forms can be obtained in the UMSU INTL Office on the second floor of Union House, or downloaded here.

Please contact UMSU INTL Secretary, Yu Kong LOW, at for further information.