UNIB20013 Body, Mind Medicine

Recommended? Yes

Available as breadth? Yes

This is a great option for medically minded students not in a Biomedicine or Science degree. The lectures covered the history and development of medical practice and principles as we know it today. They can get quite historical- great if it’s your jam, less so if not. But the tutorials were much more interesting and engaging. The assessment consists of a weekly 150 word blog (in which you had to pick out a point from the material that was covered that week and elaborate on it, say what you learnt etc. it wasn’t too hard to do), a 2000 word critical review of anything related to medicine (any text, book, movie, article, series) and a group wiki assignment relating to a ‘scandal’ in medical history. The wiki was really great and very easy to do. Overall a really good subject with a wide scope to work on your own interests whilst also picking up extra content.