Student Representation

It would be kind of stupid if the student union wasn’t actually run by students, right? There are a bunch of student representatives who work around the clock to ensure the activities and opportunities available to you are as fun and relevant as possible. Basically every area of uni life (and life in general) is covered by one of these departments. You get to choose who runs these areas (and you can run for a position too!). 


Hibatallah (Hiba) Adam

General Secretary

Disha Zutshi


Arya Kushwaha & Tvisha Purswani 


Rhys Browning

Clubs & Societies

Kimberley Ng & Renee Thierry

Creative Arts

Savier D'Arsie-Marquez


Alice Zhao & Adam Whitehead

Education Academic

Mary Kin Chan & Taj Takahashi

Education Public

Carlos Julian Lagos Martin


Emma Dynes & James Gallagher



UMSU International 

Sanskar Agarwal (President) & Angeline Cassie Ganily (Secretary)


Weiting Chen, Carmen Jada Chin, Joshua Davis, & Xiaole Zhan

People of Colour

Mohamed Hadi Rabie Omer


Sum To Leslie Ho & Mehul Gopalakrishnan


Ishita Ganeriwala & Yashika Mishra


Ngaire Bogemann & Alessandra Soliven


Zodie Bolic, Jack Doughty, Helen Shen & Annalyce Wiebenga


Roles and Responsibilites

So, what do YOUR student representatives do? Click the links below to find out more:


Why serve as a student representative? 

There are many benefits to serving as an elected representative to the student body – beyond having your say in the governance of the student union and representing your fellow students of course!

Here are some of the key outcomes you will get out of your time with UMSU:

  • Gain practical experience and actively develop good governance practices and fiduciary duties
  • Build skills in your department’s are of activity, e.g., event management, risk assessment, project planning
  • Learn stakeholder management and engagement through collaborating with your committee, Students’ Council and/or constituents
  • Develop strategic leadership skills throughout directing UMSU’s activities towards fulfilling best stakeholder interests
  • Gain practical experience in developing and managing a budget
  • Development of a variety of administrative skills, e.g., minute taking, writing reports, scheduling, use of organisational tools, experience with project planning software, and archiving
  • Opportunities to upskill in areas such as First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Safe Food Handling, OHS trainings, and more!


Student Elections

Something snag your eye? Want to get involved and represent your fellow students? UMSU's Annual General Election runs each September, get involved! Find out more here!