Student Representation

It would be kind of stupid if the student union wasn’t actually run by students, right? There are a bunch of student representatives who work around the clock to ensure the activities and opportunities available to you are as fun and relevant as possible. Basically every area of uni life (and life in general) is covered by one of these departments. You get to choose who runs these areas.

President  —  Sophie Nguyen

General Secretary  —  Millie Macwhirter 

Activities  —  Bella Henry and Sami Zehir

Burnley  —  Kaitlyn Hammond

Clubs  —  Eleanor Cooney Hunt and Benito Di Battista

Creative Arts  —  Prerna Aggarwal and Marcie Di Bartolomeo

Disabilities  —  Shuyun (Betty) Zhang

Education Academic  —  Ethan Georgeou and Moira Negline

Education Public  —  Ruby Craven 

Environment  —  Chelsea Daniel and Zachary Matthews

Indigenous  —  Brittney Henderson and Harley Lewis

UMSU International  —  Mohan Kwatra (President) and Chaital Vasta (Secretary)

Media  —  Nishtha Banavalikar, Joanna Guelas, Charlotte Waters & Jasmine Pierce

People of Colour  —  Hibatallah (Hiba) Adam and Kyi Phyu Moe Htet

Queer  —  Rook Davis and Rose Power

Welfare  —  Shuyan (Lynne) Bian and Disha Zutshi

Women's  —  Aashi (Kraanti) Agarwal 

Southbank  —  Jack Doughty, Alex Birch, Nina Mountford and Xiaole Zhan

Student Elections
Each September on campus, participate! Find out more here.