Design Student Society (DES) is an ABP affiliated student run club at The University of Melbourne. Since its inception, DES has been dedicated to representing all Bachelor of Design students and its associated masters programs. Here at DES we aim to foster a fun and welcoming environment for all students from all backgrounds. Our committee is large and full of friendly faces, feel free to approach us at any time with questions or concerns!

We host a variety of both social and networking events throughout the academic year. From our outstanding Design Ball to industry nights, there’s bound to be an event for you! Our diverse mix of social events not only allows students to get to know one another, but also helps students network with design industry professionals. 

Club Aims:

  1. To provide academic assistance to all students in the Bachelor of Design.
  2. To provide a social network for all students in the Bachelor of Design.
  3. To assist in the transition of first year Bachelor of Design into University Life.
  4. To liaise/promote information/opportunities from the Bachelor of Design to the club’s members.
  5. To promote opportunities provided by the 12 course majors and their associated clubs.
  6. To unite all year levels of Bachelor Students within their chosen individual majors.

Design Student Society (DES)
Melbourne School of Design
University of Melbourne VIC 3010