A group of fun and like-minded individuals with a passion for all things economics! ESSA help connect students with professionals and academics to explore the impact of economics on the world.


The Economics Student Society of Australia was founded in February 2012 at the University of Melbourne by a group of students passionate about economics. It is now the largest economics society of its kind in Australia, spanning both Melbourne and Monash universities. ESSA emphasises the multidisciplinary relevance of economics and encourages members to play an active role in policy discussion and public debate. Throughout the year, ESSA runs a diverse program of events, tailored to engaging the community and keeping members abreast of the latest economic and political issues. Our website and our flagship publication, Equilibrium, are open fora for members, academics and industry figures to share and debate their thoughts, opinions and ideas. ESSA’s vision is to become the premier voice on business and economics at Melbourne and Monash Universities and to constantly strive to stimulate a wider interest in economics.

Club Aims:

  1. To provide guidance for Economic students in choosing their study paths and their career pathways.
  2. To assist our members in creating a personal relationship with the broader economics community and then upon this, developing a professional relationship and network.
  3. To assist in the development of the economics skills set and equip budding economist with the tools to succeed in the workforce.
  4. To provide an outlet for economic students to engage in “real world” economics with their peers in stimulating discussions and forums.
  5. Foster an environment of respectful debate and discussion amongst student populace on economic issues of importance.
  6. Illustrate economics’ unique multidisciplinary appeal, ability to spark passionate debate and its relevance and importance in modern day society.
  7. To facilitate the generation of an economics community, both online and on campus whereby students and professionals alike can engage in broader economics discussions.

Economics Student Society of Australia
131 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne
Carlton 3053