JOIN EWB TODAY! We are a tightly knit volunteer community who love creating positive change in the world, making new friends and having fun along the way!


We aim to raise awareness of humanitarian issues at home and abroad, while providing opportunities for our members to make a real difference in the lives of others.

There are plenty of initiatives to get involved with on campus, such as School Outreach and Maths Without Limits (an online tutoring service for rural students). We also host many social events such as pub nights, trivia and sustainable BBQs to link you with like-minded individuals.

We welcome all enthusiastic and like-minded people, engineer or ‘non-gineer’.

Club Aims: 

  1. To facilitate meaningful and lasting change through excellent development practices.
  2. To engage individuals and organisations in meaningful volunteerism by creating and promoting diverse opportunities.
  3. To improve development engineering practices by bringing together the engineering and development sectors.
  4. To nurture development leaders by inspiring, educating and training a community of advocates and leaders in sustainable community development through creative and engaging initiatives.

Engineers Without Borders Unimelb

Mailbox 124
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010