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International Commerce Students Society

Global society with professional service and extensive networking. Looking for leadership and career development? Just come!


The Overseas Commerce Students’ Society (OCSS) was first established in 1993 as the voice for overseas students within the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. With its growth and development, ICSS was renamed to its current title of International Commerce Students’ Society (ICSS) during the 2001 AGM.

Throughout the years, ICSS has fostered the requirements of students from non-English speaking backgrounds as well as accommodating the interest of local students in international firms. ICSS primarily deals with the needs of commerce students, however, ICSS has now expanded to include members from other disciplines including students from the Faculty of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science, Arts and Music. As a mean of enhancing inter-faculty interactions, there functions organised jointly with other students’ society such as the International Engineering Students’ Society (IESS), International Law Students’ Society (ILSS) and International Medicine Students’ Society (IMSS). Such events are designed as a flux for new friendships, camaraderie, good times and great memories.


The objectives of ICSS are to provide opportunities for our members to meet the increasing demand of international working experience and diverse language / Cultural skills. To do that, we welcome all bold and creative ideas. ICSS is here to assist in all possible ways!


Although ICSS is an academic society, we organise many social activities with the aim of encouraging friendships between students of all year level within the Faculty of Economics and Commerce as well as across other faculties. Our major social activities include: the I-Ball, I-Trip and I-Game which was organised in conjunction with other clubs such as IESS, ILSS and IMSS.Email:

Club Aims:

  1. To represent the needs and rights of overseas commerce students.
  2. To provide services and an information base for the benefit of overseas commerce students and students with international backgrounds and interest.
  3. To provide social fellowship for the members and to promote inter-relations between overseas students and their local counterparts.
  4. To provide activities which are conducive to achieving the above aims.

International Commerce Students Society

Mailbox 100
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010