As one of the largest clubs, we connect students from all backgrounds and degrees through our social events with free food, Educational and Professional opportunities and the best parties at Uni!


We’re about meeting new people, making friends, and getting the most out of your time here at uni…

The Science Students’ Society (SSS) is a non-profit organisation, run by a committee of current Melbourne University students. Our member-base consists of over 3000 undergraduate, post-graduate and past students, with over 1000 new members signed-up this year! Membership is open to anyone here at uni!

The SSS runs off revenue generated by its own events. It continues to run successfully, but ALL money raised throughout the year is spent solely on future SSS services and events. Our aim is to create a light-hearted supportive yet entertaining environment, in which we can provide helpful and informative student services, discounts to members, and study relief in the form of many popular events. The SSS strongly encourages participation in the social aspect of Melbourne Uni life…

Our main events include: Orientation Camp, open to around 250 first year students of any course, every year!. End of Exams Parties are held at the end of each exam period and attract up to 2000 members! Science Ball is the biggest event on the SSS calendar and by far the largest faculty ball at Melbourne University. This themed sell-out event has consistently attracted up to 1500 people, as well as local bands and entertainers.

FREE BBQs are held fortnightly, and also on days before a university break. All our members receive a membership card which entitles them to these freebies, and other great discounts!

Club Aims:

  1. Liaise between the Faculty of Science and the science students.
  2. Provide student representation on the committees of the Faculty of Science.
  3. Run social activities for the students of the Faculty of Science and other members.

Science Student Centre
University of Melbourne VIC 3010



SSS Presents: Costume Cruise
29th April 7pm - 1am
Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat
Ahoyyyyyyy cruisers! Gather anything and everything from your closets to sail the cruisiest cruise of them all, the SSS Costume Cruise!!!