SIIF has an ideology of uniting stock portfolio management and charitable endeavours. Our student-managed fund aims for high market returns, issuing all capital gains to philanthropic organisations.


The Social Impact Investment Fund (SIIF) is a student run Melbourne University society with an empirical focus of uniting stock portfolio management and charitable endeavours. Utilising our live student managed fund, we strive for high market returns, distributing 100% of capital gains and dividends to several socially impactful organisations, elected by our members. In addition, we seek to educate and provide real exposure to the world of equities trading, spawning a gateway for all our members to explore a large sector of the financial industry and to provide professional networking opportunities to advance our members commercial employability.

Club Aims:

  1. To give students access to a live investment fund sharing our trades as they are executed.
  2. To donate investment returns to a group of carefully considered charitable organisations.
  3. To empower university students to deliver social impact by communicating all charitable achievements.
  4. To provide a gateway for external support from established investment organisations.
  5. To offer students a platform to devise and excuse trading strategies.
  6. To pursue fundraising opportunities with a long-term perspective of growing the invested capital.

Mailbox 23
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010