Join our club to engage in community-oriented events, to meet a range of diverse, new people and to support our charitable causes.


The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association (MUSLSA) is one of the university’s most popular and active social clubs. We have a broad membership base focussed around students of a Sri Lankan or sub-continental background. MUSLSA prides itself on the quality of the events it organises for its members.

A relatively recent addition to our list of events — and one that is rapidly growing in popularity — is our annual charity fundraiser theatrical production. Each year, the play brings together students from universities around Melbourne.

Other favourites include our Sports Day and our Trivia Night, both regularly attracting crowds from all year levels. On top of our major events, we also organise several free lunches throughout the year, providing yet more opportunities for our members to socialise.

MUSLSA provides a fantastic opportunity for students to meet and mingle with their fellow students. If you’re interested in finding out more about the club, our events or would like to become a member, please contact us.

Club Aims:

  1. To maintain and enhance Sri Lankan culture among the University community.
  2. To help in growth of friendship between the Sri Lankan and Australian community.
  3. To have regular social and cultural evenings.
  4. To enhance and develop the sportive and cultural talents possessed by the club members.
  5. The activities of the association will not be politically, religiously or racially discriminatory.
  6. To support a charitable organization and direct Association efforts towards raising funds for the aforementioned charity.

Mailbox 96
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010