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Responsible Artificial Intelligence Development

Whether you're keen on getting exposure to exciting new AI technologies, or having meaningful discussions about the emerging role of AI in society, RAID will be right up your alley.


Being a part of RAID would expose you to fascinating topics about society’s future with AI (Artificial Intelligence), and would give you the opportunity to participate in exciting AI projects. There’s been a great deal of discussion globally about AI-related issues, particularly of late, in the corporate world, the government and the media, but such issues may not  get as much attention as they should at university. RAID presents an opportunity to get involved at the forefront of artificial intelligence development, as well as to learn and discuss its global and ethical implications - societal changes that are excitingly revolutionary but unnervingly daunting.

Club Aims:

  1. To educate Unimelb students in developing responsible AI tools, without requiring prior experience, and to expose them to their wide applications including in medicine, law and commerce;
  2. To assemble teams of students that would work on practical AI projects, building confidence in AI development;
  3. To discuss and debate issues surrounding the responsible use of AI;
  4. To bridge the gap in knowledge between those who may understand the technical aspects of AI but possibly not the ethical implications, and vice versa;
  5. To connect students with members of academia and industry who closely study/work in the development, and responsible use, of AI; and
  6. To prepare students to compete in competition with major AI components, addressing imposter syndrome within the student community in AI development.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence Development

Mailbox 145
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010