A non-auditioned music club where musicians of any skill level or study background (NOT just engineering!) can play their instrument in a relaxed environment outside of work/study.


The Engineering Music Society (EMS) is the largest on-campus instrumental music organisation outside the music faculty, and provides an opportunity for students not studying music to continue to play in an ensemble.

We currently consist of an orchestra, concert band, 2 stage bands, and a choir. All ensembles rehearse weekly for a couple of hours in the evening. Smaller groups are also formed from time to time, including a string quartet, string octet, brass octet, string orchestra and saxophone ensemble.
EMS holds a public concert and a jazz gig every semester and also performs at several university and industry functions throughout the year. We also hold a rehearsal/social camp over a weekend near the beginning of each semester.

Membership is open to all students — not just engineers! EMS also has a strong social aspect to it. There are trips to the pub after every rehearsal for food and drinks, “Beer and Freddos” night at the end of semester, and camp! It’s a great way to make sure your instrument doesn’t sit at home collecting dust and meeting some new friends who all share a love for playing music. We hope to see you at the next rehearsal & at the pub afterwards!

For more details, visit our website.

Club Aims:

  1. To provide an opportunity for engineers and other students to play music regularly in a fun environment.
  2. To allow those who already have musical ability to keep up their expertise.

Engineering Music Society

Mailbox 87
Level 4, Building 168
University of Melbourne VIC 3010