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Financial Management Association of Australia

Established in 1990 at The University of Melbourne, the FMAA promotes career awareness, facilitates professional development and connects students with firms in the financial services industry.

The Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) is the largest professionally focused student society in Australia. Established in 1990 at The University of Melbourne, the FMAA actively promotes the career awareness of its student members through on and off campus events run in conjunction with its Sponsor firms.

With the support of Gold and Founding Sponsor, the Macquarie Group, the FMAA has rapidly become one of the most dynamic and enthusiastically supported student bodies on campus, enjoying a strong reputation for energy and professionalism.


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Club Aims:

  1. To provide members with the forum of interaction to network with industry professionals within the financial services, professional services, management consulting and legal services industry.
  2. To raise awareness of business career-related opportunities and pathways to students of all of disciplines at the University of Melbourne.
  3. To facilitate a leadership forum once a year by Australia’s business leaders to foster the development of Australia’s future business and community leaders in the University of Melbourne.
  4. To enhance the employability of our members by facilitating intimate networking opportunities with the sponsor of their choice prior to graduate/internship application deadlines. In the hope of providing members every opportunity to a successful pathway to their career direction.
  5. To facilitate a forum of interaction between the committee and members through events such as informative forums and social events, in the hope of providing mentorship and advice to all of our members whilst also creating a support network with fellow peers.

131 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne
Carlton 3053