Mentoring Network

Mentoring Network

Feeling a little anxious about starting university? Worried about settling into a new environment? Want to meet more people and make more friends?

The UMSU Mentoring Network is the perfect place to go! It doesn’t matter if you are mature aged or just out of high school, a domestic or international student, we have a dedicated team of trained student mentors ready to assist you in making a smooth transition into university life.

The Mentees/New Students

If you are a new student or wanting to be a mentee, who wants the inside goss and info of everything that university has to offer, then this is the place for you: 

Benefits for new students/mentees:

  • Immediate link into University of Melbourne student community

  • Opportunity to discuss any personal issues and concerns with an experienced peer

  • Meet and develop friendships with people across various faculties and year levels

  • Reference to support services in both the faculty and university

  • Develop communication skills and confidence

  • Throughout the semester there are many events eg. Coffee catch ups, FREE FOOD EVENTS, amazing race and trivia nights


The Mentors

If you are an experienced UniMelb student who is eager to counsel and guide new students to the UNI-verse, then you will be perfect for this role!

Our team of committed mentors are here to:
  • Give you advice based on their own experiences

  • Assist new students in making the most from their time at university

  • Refer new students to resources and services available in the University community if necessary

  • Provide new students with tips, tricks and advice on the secrets to succeed in uni
  • And most importantly – be your friend!

Mentors are not required to provide academic help (they are not academic tutors).

Matching Process:

We will aim to pair mentees with suitable mentors that study the same or similar major or discipline (subject to the number of applicants) before the semester starts.

Registration forms:

Applications for a MENTEE: Here! 

Applications for a MENTOR: Here!