Climate Criminals, Proudly Sponsored by The University of Melbourne

Some of the world’s worst climate criminals are gathering in Melbourne from October 28 to 31. Companies that profit from fuelling climate change, stealing Indigenous land and exploiting workers will gather at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Their actions drive animal extinction as well as the mass displacement of people.

Over 400 mining companies will convene at IMARC, including BHP and Rio Tinto. Companies who are at the core of the climate crisis. One of the sponsors for this conference is, unfortunately, the University of Melbourne. This is a stark contrast with the University’s sustainability plan.

With the climate entering meltdown, it’s urgent to disrupt the “business as usual” of major climate criminals, using mass civil disobedience. Thousands of people will be gathering to blockade this conference and make a statement that the exploitative mining industry, the destruction of the environment, the dispossession of Indigenous Land must be stopped. 

Students and the University of Melbourne will be making a point that our money should not be going to sponsoring destructive mining multinationals.

The details of the blockade are found here:

UMSU condemns the University of Melbourne for its part in sponsoring the IMARC Conference

UMSU asks the University of Melbourne how their sponsorship in the conference fits within their sustainability plan

UMSU strongly encourages all students to attend the peaceful IMARC blockade from the 29th of October 

This event brings together students, climate and mining activists, trade unionists, animal rights and other community activists to stand together in solidarity to “Blockade IMARC”. We’re standing up for a world where respect for people, animals and the planet comes before profit. 

Molly Willmott

UMSU President

This blockade, and the organising for it, is taking place on stolen lands of the Boonwurrung and Woiworung people of the Kulin Nation. Indigenous people worldwide are the most affected by mining and lead the resistance globally. Always was, always will be Aboringinal Land.