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Waacking Workshop

16/04/2024 - 16/04/2024 3:30pm - 5pm

Rehearsal Room, Level 3 Arts and Cultural Building (Bldg 159), University of Melbourne, Parkville

UMSU Union House Theatre

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Waacking workshop with Caro

Waacking/Whacking is a dance style that originated in the 1970s in LA underground disco clubs amongst the Hispanic & African-American queer communities. It is a dance style that is heavily influenced by the characters from Hollywood movies, cartoons and black-and-white films. Being a performative dance style, it highlights musicality, particularly in disco music, where the dancers use their arms and bodies to create movements to ‘show’ you the layers in the music. In 50+ years, the dance style has transformed and evolved into how it is today and the various possibilities of what it can be in the future.

Come join this super cool workshop. 😎

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About the tutor: Carolyn Ooi (Caro)

Representing Burn City Waack
Carolyn Ooi, also known as Caro, has been dancing since the age of 4. Although she has over a decade of experience in classical Ballet and enjoys learning different Street dance styles, she is the most passionate about and feels the most connected to Waacking (and most recently, Popping). Since stumbling upon Waacking in late 2017, she has dedicated her time and efforts into studying, practicing, and connecting with the dance and the street dance through learning different styles and event curation.

Caro continues to build her practice as an artist whilst supporting the current and next generation of dancers through teaching classes at universities and dance studios, and working closely with councils and organisations to curate events. Some of these events/projects include Dancehousing, Sister Sessions, Funk Station, L2R Block Party 2022, President of Academy of Street Dance (2018 & 2019), K-pop Battle Melbourne 2021, and more.

Recent Achievements

  • 2v2 Winner – Waack Your Way Vol. 5, 2022
  • 7-to-Smoke Runner-Up – Sister Sessions Vol.9, 2022
  • 1v1 Winner – Waacktournament VIC Qualifier, 2022
  • 1v1 Runner Up – Waacking Inferno Vol.1, 2022
  • 1v1 Ladies Night Top 8 – Destructive Steps, 2022
  • 2v2 Winner  – Queen Bee Vol.1, 2022
  • 2v2 Top 4 – Under One Roof Vol.1, 2023
  • 1v1 Runner Up – Popping Nation VIC Round 1, 2023
  • 7-to-Smoke Candidate Waacking Inferno Vol.2, 2023
  • Judge - RMIT Funkadelics ‘The First Cycle’ 2023

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