Event Description

Week 11 - Korean Horror w/ MUKSS: Thirst (2009)

13/10/2023 - 13/10/2023 3pm - 5:30pm

Arts West 353 (Interactive Cinema Space)

Film Society

To celebrate Friday the 13th happening in notoriously spooky month October, Filmsoc and MUKSS have teamed up for a special k-horror screening fit to chill those unresting bones: Park Chan Wook's Thirst (2009)!

Expect grim vibes and eerie decorations as we settle in for the scariest Filmsoc of the year.

Synopsis: Sang-hyun, a respected priest, volunteers for an experimental procedure that may lead to a cure for a deadly virus. He gets infected and dies, but a blood transfusion of unknown origin brings him back to life as a vampire. Now, Sang-hyun is torn between faith and bloodlust, and has a newfound desire for Tae-ju, the wife of his childhood friend.

Where: 353 Arts West (Interactive Cinema Space) When: 3pm, Friday October 13th Free: Pizza + Korean Fried Chicken! Watch the trailer here (content warning: violence and blood): https://youtu.be/TQz3dJ137jg?si=eXHv-x453RnsdiSU

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