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Kill Mobile

20/10/2022 - 22/10/2022 7pm - 9pm

Union Theatre, Level 2, Arts & Cultural Building

UMSU Union House Theatre

Brought to you by the SSAF


Presented by Melbourne University Chinese Theatre Group

We can barely live a life without our smartphones these days. With a smartphone, one can build close relationships with the most distant strangers. Meanwhile, one can also hide the most dangerous secrets from the most intimate partner. A mobile phone is like a black box on an aeroplane. When it crashes, we can retrieve the hidden facts behind the tragedy. A smartphone is like a landmine hidden in a garden. You don't know when and how it's going to explode.

The Chinese movie "Kill Mobile", directed by Yu Miao, tells the story of late night friend's dinner with three young couples and a middle-aged woman. The movie was inspired by the Italian film "Perfect Strangers". This warm-hearted gathering was doing fine until someone proposed to have a "Russian Roulette". Every guest at the table was asked to publish their smartphone notifications. Underneath this image of normalcy, unspeakable secrets threatened to rip their friendships and relationships apart.

MUCTG is a UHT-affiliated student club with a 30-year history. Since 1993, with the joint efforts of our team members, we have gained a high reputation as a successful student theatre group. For this semester, We proudly announce a new production - a faithful adaptation of the original "Kill Mobile". We believe our new talent will create strong chemistry on the stage. We are set to deliver an extraordinary experience to our audiences at the brand new Union Theatre.


Thurs Oct 20th, 7pm
Fri Oct 21st, 7pm
Sat Oct 22nd, 2pm
Sat Oct 22nd, 7pm


Union Theatre, Level 2, Arts & Cultural Building


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