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George Paton Gallery: Artists Bookworks #4

3/04/2023 - 21/04/2023 11am - 5pm

George Paton Gallery, Level 1, Building 159 - Arts and Cultural Building, Parkville campus, University of Melbourne

UMSU Gallery

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George Paton Gallery: Artists Bookworks #4

Featuring works by artists / collectives: Christina Darras, Jessie Bullivant, Ron Eades, Peter Murphy, Kelly Large and Ruth Claxton, Claudia Phares, Shannon Slee, Katie Paine, Julie Millowick, Kathleen Hunt and Charmaine Lyons, Sandra Bridie, Lucas Ihlein, Andrew Hurle, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Sadia Sadie, Rose Nolan, Diane Dickson, Kenny Pittock, Amie Anderson, Kylie Blackley, Jon Campbell, John Eaton, Rosie Miller, Adam Cruickshank, Chris Gooch, Yasmine Heisler, Clara Brack, Suzannah Griffith, Holly Jones & Erem Kirman, Noriko Nakamura, Luke Sinclair, Christopher L G Hill, Stephen Bram and David Morrison, Phil Edwards and Peter Ellis, Maleea Hegarty, Eddy Burger, Xanthe Beesley, Felix Gulbin Fisher and Mahala Gulbin Fisher, Grace Garcia, Louella Fitz, Andrew Seward, Ian Whittlesea, Emily Simek, Leanne Bock, Veronica Charmont, HILLS, Wendy Kelly, Mimmo Cozzolino, Ross Bridie, Ryan Lim Zi Yi, Hole in the wall collective, Michelle Tonkin, Charlie Hillhouse, Jacob Raupach, Lynette Letic, Scott Keim, Meredith Marshallsea, Eva Alisic, Emily Winslade, Abbra Kotlarczyk, Christine McFetridge and Josephine Mead, MELBOURNE ART LIBRARY, Craig McGee, Ruth Maddison, Andrew Hurle, David Wadelton, Konrad Winkler, Janina Green, Yanni Florence, Lolly Batty, MJ Kim, Ocular Lab, Kerrie Polliness, Marco Fusinato, Gary Wilson, Marian Crawford, Deanna Hitti, Martina Copley, Cynthia Troup, Mary Austin, Kazue Daikoku, Yukari Miyagi, Takashi Miyagawa, Kim Beck, Reverse Butcher, Sturtevant, John Nixon, Peter Tyndall, Bella Gardner, Audrey Ho, Miro, Erk. S. Cadzow, Stella, Wynn Swanson, Kaelan Tobin, Alic Thienpathoon, Sylvia Walkok, Felicity Cheng, Lucii Garcii, Jimoo Seo, Freja Grevlich, Simone Cottee, Dana Chorna and Isla Ormond.

Curated by Channon Goodwin and Sandra Bridie

The Artist's Bookworks exhibition presents an extensive collection of both contemporary and archival artists’ unique and small edition books in the George Paton Gallery.

In the catalogue introduction to an earlier bookshow at the GPG, ARTIST’S BOOKS, 1982, curator Tim Guest provides a definition of the artist book:

Artists’ books can most simply be described as those books which have been conceived, designed and produced by visual artists. As distinguished from those books about artists, such as a monograph or catalogue raisonnée, or those about art, artists’ books are instead complete artworks in themselves: they are artworks that are presented in the form of books.

George Paton Gallery: Artist's Bookworks #4 transforms the GPG into a large, long reading room. On display will be bookworks submitted by artists displayed on shelves and tables, available for viewers to peruse. Included are unique editions, handcrafted and painted works, zines, with a range of bindings and approached to what constitutes a book alongside archival material from the previous Artist’s Books show in the GPG. 

Exhibition catalogue and list of works

IMAGE: George Paton Gallery: Artist’s Books (reprised), 2014. Detail of exhibition installation

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