Real Sustainability Through Mutual Aid – a panel discussion


Is it possible to have a modern economy without any kind of money at all? How could it work? Why might you want to? And how could we actually make it happen?

System change towards mutual aid economics might be one of our best chances at a real solution to climate change and environmental degradation in general, as well as human problems like unhappiness, oppression, poverty and financial crises. It might sound crazy and unlikely to actually get rid of money altogether, but transformative and powerful ideas that can actually solve multiple problems at once are exactly what we need to be discussing right now.

This exciting panel features Anitra Nelson sharing her research into why all forms of money are problematic and her experience with moneyless communities from around the world. Terry Leahy will talk about his vision for a modern industrial scale gift economy, and Theo Kitchener will be speaking about Livelyhood, a mutual aid based community economy project being developed in Preston, and Doing It Ourselves’ ideas around campaigning for system change. The panel will be facilitated by Roger Sharp, with plenty of time for audience discussion.

This event is a part of the Sustainable Living Festival and is hosted by Doing It Ourselves. Our amazing two table zine stall will also be available for perusal.

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