SummerFest Carnival Day

Tuesday 20 February, 11am-3pm
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The BIG one! Our opening event for SummerFest and the official welcome to campus for new and returning students. Say hello in style with giveaways, games, live entertainment, chill spaces and much more. We’re turning South Lawn into a veritable wonderland of beach vibes, free stuff and tasty food.

Carnival runs from 11AM to 3PM, but time’s gonna fly once you see it all, get your free food, see the live entertainment and grab those great giveaways on offer.

If you’re a new student, get the most out of your day by tagging along with one of our Host Program campus tours so you can enjoy the day with a bunch of new friends! Most importantly, get a tour of the University from the people who know it best – the students.

So what’s actually going down at Carnival?

Short answer: a hell of a lot, so make sure you allocate a big chunk of time on this day to fit everything in.

By this we mean to see what’s going on at South Lawn and get acquainted with all the awesome UMSU services that exist.

Visit their stalls and have a chat to the friendly department representatives!

When lunchtime comes don’t worry, you’re not going to go hungry amongst the feast of free food that’ll be available on the day! Take your pick: picnics, popcorn , fairy floss, snow cones, icy poles – and so on and so on. Your pals at UMSU Enviro will also be hosting a vegan BBQ with some chill couches to relax on while you recharge until the next round of giveaways and freebies.

Take happy snaps with the amazing photo booth with UMSU Advocacy and Legal, get around the Queer departments all-day picnic and Pride Party and make sure you check in with UMSU International’s stall so you can register for their fun adventures later in SummerFest.

If you’re looking for something more low-key there’s also a smorgasbord of chill spaces to check out at South Lawn. The Rowden White Library pop-up will be a relaxing reading area with a wicked craft station from Creative Arts and a fun fake wound station with Union House Theatre (keep an eye out for their roaming zebra performers too!). When you really need to relax, Disabilities are setting up a chill space with beanbags and ambient tunes, while the Indigenous Department’s tent will have weaving and lolly giveaways.

Why not get to know new friends over a game of giant jenga or connect four? Or else head to the Media marquee to get creative and socialise at their zine making table.

We’re sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy amongst all this fun!