Hello there everyone! 2017 Semester 2 has arrived and we are all getting excited for the coming semester!

Looking for a volunteering club to join? Create wonderful memories during your university life? Look no further. Youth Charity Society has just the perfect solution for you! We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities to members and also occasionally organize social events and games for bonding purposes.

Youth Charity Society will set up a booth during Unimelb’s Recruitment Expo. We welcome all who are interested in joining our club as an aspiring volunteer, or just would like to hear more about what our club is all about. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to have a friendly chat with us!

Psst. Members who sign up at our booth on 20th July 2017 receive a goody bag, which includes vouchers and snacks. Our stocks are limited though, so come and visit us ASAP. See you there!