BBQ Hire Procedure

  1. Pay for hire and deposit fees at Union House Info Centre and collect keys with instructions attached.
  2. Collect BBQ and trestle table (if applicable) from Union House west basement storage area.
  3. Proceed to gas cylinder storage cage (please refer to map).
  4. Collect gas cylinder from right hand side of gas cylinder storage cage.
  5. Hang gas cylinder from hooks below the knob side of the BBQ for safe transport. Lift the gas cylinder from the base onto the hooks as shown below (please note that the gas cylinder can remain on the hooks for the duration of use).


  1. Wheel BBQ to site. Push trolley slowly and pay attention to surroundings and pedestrians.
  2. IMPORTANT: Ensure BBQ is level by using the spirit level on the base near the stainless steel tub (This is very important so that the oil runs into the drip container when cooking). Engage brakes on swivel wheels (at handle end of BBQ) by pressing lever down as shown.


  1. IMPORTANT: Remove blue bucket from below BBQ and place close by.
  2. Place drip container under spout on front left hand side of the BBQ.
  3. Remove lid and hang on the rear of the BBQ plate as shown. This acts as a wind barrier.


  1. Connect gas line / safety valve to the gas cylinder (which should remain on the hooks) with the black knob. Note that the attachment is a left hand thread – therefore screw anti-clockwise to attach. Take care not to cross thread the attachment and hand tighten firmly.
  2. Turn gas cylinder knob fully on (anti-clockwise) and press the gauge on the top of the safety valve downwards as shown.


  1. Using the soapy water solution provided, pour a small amount on the connections either side of the gas safety valve.
    • If there are any bubbles it means there is gas leaking out – if this happens, immediately turn gas cylinder knob fully off (clockwise), disconnect safety valve and carefully reconnect it to the gas cylinder and repeat from step 11.
    • If there are no bubbles, proceed to next step.
  2. Clean the BBQ plate with the lemon juice and wire brush provided. NB: The lemon juice and heat as the plate warms up will kill any bacteria and make the plate safe for cooking.
  3. Push one BBQ knob downward, turn to low and immediately press igniter button to light burner. Do a visual check via the hole just below the cooking plate on the front right hand side of the BBQ to ensure the burner is alight. If it is not, turn the gas off at the gas cylinder, wait one minute and repeat procedure. Now do the same with the second knob and do a visual check to ensure both burners are alight.


  1. Cooking:
    • Watch for grease spills and trip hazards.
    • Keep the area surrounding the BBQ clear of any obstructions.
    • Be aware of hot surfaces and maintain a safe distance around the BBQ.
    • Keep check of the level of oil in the drip container – if it gets to just over halfway full, carefully remove the drip container and empty the oil into the stainless steel tub below the BBQ (NB: The drip container may be hot so please take care when handling). Place the drip container back into it’s position.
  1. Shutdown:
    • First turn gas off as the gas cylinder (turn knob fully clockwise and hand tighten).
    • Turn both BBQ burner knobs off.
    • Scrape down plate and put scraps into the stainless steel tub.
    • Empty the drip container into the stainless steel tub.
    • After 15 minutes, clean down the plate using the lemon juice and wire brush.
    • Clean the rest of the BBQ using the BBQ wipes provided.
    • Empty the rubbish from the stainless steel tub into an appropriate rubbish bin.
    • Place the lid back onto the BBQ plate and the blue tub on the lower shelf.
    • Disconnect the safety valve and gas line from the gas cylinder using the black knob on the safety valve.
  1. Return to North Court at Union House with the BBQ and advise Info Centre staff that your BBQ is ready to be inspected.
  2. After the inspection, return the gas cylinder to the gas storage cage.
  3. Return and lock the BBQ to the west basement storage area.
  4. Return keys and instructions to the Info Centre and collect your deposit (provided all requirements are met).

If you have any problems, please contact the Info Centre on 8344 5415.

References (these documents can be found in the OHS kit in the blue tub):

  • AVM SOP 200 Heatlie 1150 BBQ
  • AVM SOP 106 Gas Cylinders
  • GEN SOP 001 Manual Handling