SummerFest 2021 – Events for finding friends!

One of the best things about SummerFest is that you get SO MANY opportunities to meet other students just like you. Maybe you’ll meet your future bestie. Maybe you’ll meet a collaborator for that band you’ve always wanted to start. Maybe you’ll fall in love. 😬

It’s a strange old year this year and we know it sucks a little bit that we can’t all get on campus to meet up. But UMSU’s done our best to set up as many opportunities as possible for you to connect with new people in the digital space, giving you a headstart on the real F2F human stuff that will hopefully carry you through the rest of your uni life.

Top Ways to Meet People and Make Friends at SummerFest 2021

Starting (or starting back) at uni can be a daunting experience. New subjects, new people – but at least you’re not getting lost on campus at the same time! (P.S. our Info Desk can help you with that if you ever do.)

One thing that doesn’t have to be so daunting however is making new friends, and thanks to UMSU, meeting people and having a whole lotta fun outside of the classroom has never been easier!

So, let UMSU be your guide and come along to one of our top ways to meet other students and develop new friendships during SummerFest 👇


1. Join a Club or Society

Hate everyone in your tutes? No problemo — come along to this year’s Online Clubs Expo and find your crowd! Did you know that there are 200+ student clubs and societies affiliated with UMSU? From niche interest clubs (Pirates club anyone?), to student theatre, music and course-specific societies, there really is something for everyone. Check out these videos for a taste test of what UMSU Clubs have to offer you!


2. Get involved in a Student Department

UMSU student departments are groups of likeminded individuals who get together to represent student interests on campus, run a whole bunch of fun events throughout the year and make a squad of life-long friends while they’re at it. They run regular social events called “collectives“, where you can come hang out, eat some free food, watch a film screening, make cocktails, you name it!

You’ll find all the info on their websites — check them out below:

Women’s • Queer • International • Enviro • Indigenous • Creative Arts • Media • Disabilities • People of Colour • Activities • Welfare • Clubs & Societies • Education Academic • Education Public • Southbank Campus • Burnley Campus


3. Join a Host Tour 

Host tours are run by experienced students from across UniMelb’s faculties who are here to help you get to know your way around campus, and answer all your burning questions about uni life. They’re a great way to get oriented, pick the brains of other students, and make new friends within your tour group!

Host Tours are running a little differently in 2021. With a limited number of on-campus tours happening, these got booked out REALLY quickly. BUT that doesn’t mean you miss out! We’ve got virtual tours being run by UMSU’s awesome Hosts online. You can check out these tours of Parkville and Southbank campuses here.

Or drop our Hosts a line at with any questions.


4. Make fast friends with Speed Friending

Get ready to make a whole bunch of new friends really fast because Speed Friending is on for SummerFest!

Whether you’re new on campus or if you just want to make some fresh connections, this is the perfect opportunity to get social and have some wholesome fun as we head into a new uni year. It’s also a fantastic way to get confident with speaking to new people, or just to hear stories from different perspectives.

We’ve got a whole series of Speed Friending events happening during SummerFest (and a little beyond), go and check out which session which best suits your vibe here.


5. Take your pick from the All Events Calendar

The All Events Calendar on the UMSU website is basically your bible for what’s on. It has every activity, meetup, event and gig on campus, and is updated regularly. Feel like drinking Bubble Tea with the LGBTs, joining a free art workshop, some speed-friending or seeing a theatre show on campus?

You’ll find all the deets here

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the events where you’ll be able to meet new squad members. Don’t forget to check out the full program!