2018 “Best Audience” Nominee List Released


Originally published April 16, 2018 on radiofodder.com


Better get those bets in, folks, because the Billboard Music Awards committee has just released 2018’s list of the world’s best audiences, and we are heckin shook. It’s the absolute best of the best, celebrating the most innovative and acclaimed people in music watching. But only one of these 8 lucky crowds will go home with the world’s most coveted award in music spectatorship!

8. Margaret T. Hance Park, AZ, 2 March: Father John Misty

“What a killer crowd,” remarked the indie darling, after his rendition of ‘Bored In The USA’ was clapped along to by the audience, perfectly in time. “We didn’t think that risk would pay off, but it totally did,” said an attendee. “This nomination is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s honestly just a pleasure to be considered.”

7. The Fillmore, San Francisco, November 13: FKA twigs

The experimental English singer absolutely stunned us with her moves onstage, but the crowd were the real stars, singing their little hearts out to bangers like ‘Two Weeks’ and ‘In Time’. “You guys are a great audience!”, she said. We know Twigs loves the spotlight, but sorry, darling – you’ll have to share!

6. Bowery Ballroom, NY, 2 December: Regina Spektor

“I love you, New York!” yelled the alternative songstress after her second encore, prompted by the absolutely unprecedented enthusiasm of the crowd. “I can’t believe they got me to sing ‘Us’,” Spektor remarked after the concert. “Not every crowd can do that, but tonight was their night.” Indeed it was, ‘Gina!

5. Falls Festival, Byron Bay, 31 December: Flume

This Aussie crowd was wowed when they heard the news – the Billboards are the world stage, and this home-grown bunch couldn’t be happier to be included among the world’s best audiences. “This is siiiiiick!” said one attendee through the several pieces of gum in his mouth, “I love everyone in this fuckin’ crowd!”.

4. Etihad Stadium, Manchester, 9 March: Ed Sheeran

We go wild for Ed’s gorgeous songwriting and his boyish charm, but who really captured our hearts were the thousands who lined up for hours just to see him play. The singer is adored the world over, but Manchester stood out for its devotion. The crowd was literally in tears when he walked onto the stage, and we really don’t blame them. Move over, Liverpudlians – there’s a new mania in town.

3. Primavera Sound, Spain, 31 May: Arcade Fire

The atmosphere in this crowd can be summed up in one word – electric. “Gracias, es un honor ser considerado. Este fue un festival que cambió la vida, y creo que Arcade Fire es una de las bandas más innovadoras en la escena de hoy,” said one local fan. We don’t know what he said, but we probably agree!

2. United Centre, Chicago, 20 August: Kendrick Lamar

“What the fuck is up, Chicago?” yelled the acclaimed rapper and songwriter to the crowd of 23,000 hyped-up attendees. After dancing all the way through Lamar’s biggest hits, the audience grooved just as hard to the B-sides he dropped shortly afterwards. For that, they’ve been handily recognised – kudos to you, United Centre!

1. Coachella Valley, CA, 15 April: Beyoncé

“How are you going, Coachella?” the absolute queen remarked as she walked onto the stage. And they were going pretty well, apparently, as several fans would go on to say. @QueenB0033 on Twitter shook us with this one: “IM SEEING BEYONCE IM CRYING”. Well said, @QueenB0033, and best of luck!

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