21 Reasons Why Missy Higgins is the Only Musician for Me


Originally published August 5, 2020 on radiofodder.com


Some days I find myself listening exclusively to just one musician. For the last year it feels like Missy Higgins has been at the core of my iso listening charts, and any other artist has to echo her melodies and softness in some way.

Here are just 21 reasons why she’s the only musician for me.

1. ‘Cause I’m a little bit tired of fearing that I’ll be the bad fruit nobody buys — summarises my feelings about being isolated and lost. There’s always one sour strawberry, or that single apple that never gets eaten.


2. She makes the best café music. I like to see how long it takes my coworkers to realise she’s the only musician we’ve been listening to for four hours.

3. She’s the first Australian musician that I’ve ever fully resonated with.

4. Lies will lock you up with truth the only key — her lyrics are honest and expressive. It’s a reminder to be yourself. What’s that cliché? Everyone else is already taken?

5. Solid investment in futon couches.

6. Her Instagram pictures and stories show how her work and family life blend. It makes my soul ache when I see how connected she is to her communities.

7. Queer Australian Icon!

8. “I’ve had a couple of bras thrown at me onstage, which is pretty awesome.”

9. The way she honours life and the lives of others. Check out ‘49 Candles’ which is a tribute to the Orlando Pulse Shooting.

10. Her music feels like home. I am safe there.

11. I know all the lines to say, the part I’m expected to play — Missy is a powerful reminder to break out of stereotypes and be yourself.


12. Her allyship is teaching others. Check out her Instagram when she shares the mic across Australia.

13. Zoo Twilights concerts. Maybe we’re in isolation and maybe I never went, but there’s something special about the event that I can’t quite put my finger on.

14. Her clothing choices make me feel confident in myself — they’re quirky and comfortable.

15. Anyone who blends their sound with country music in Australia makes my knees weak. Don’t forget Kasey Chambers and Beccy Cole.

16. She’s living proof that you can find success starting out on Triple J Unearthed — how is this not a tribute to other aspiring Australian musicians?

17. Each morning I wake up to ‘Cooling of the Embers‘ because it’s soft enough to soothe me from my rest into waking up and starting the day.

18. Best ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ Cover I’ve heard.


19. We’d wander down to Cottesloe /Eat fish and chips in the final glow – reminds me of my small town roots and the excitement I felt when the new fish and chip shop opened when I was a kid.

20. ‘NYE’ is the ultimate New Year’s Eve track!

21. I think she’s making history, every single day.

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