5 Date-Spots in Brunswick to Impress Your Hipster Crush


Originally published October 26, 2019 on radiofodder.com


Want to impress that cute alternative boy/girl in your African-Drumming breadth class? Take them on an indie film-esque date to Brunswick, the hipster suburb of your dreams.

This lively, bustling area is just a couple tram stops outside of the CBD. Filled with endless date spots from trending vegan restaurants and second-hand bookshops to plant-nurseries that seem like a portal into the jungle, this welcoming and embracing yet chic city is the guaranteed destination to win over a free-spirited crush.

1) Lygon St Nursery

This jungle-like plant nursery is a magical escape from the hectic lifestyle of Melbourne’s concrete CBD. It is inhabited by a green forest of wildlife ranging from tropical lilies to home-grown succulents. What better way is there to build a devoted bond than to raise a new-born plant together? 

2) Brunswick Bound Bookshop

Brunswick Bound is a two-story, white-bricked universe of limitless stories and tales. It is located in the heart of Brunswick’s most popular attraction – Sydney Road. The store is home to shelves of vintage collections, second-hand novels and antique furniture. The intimate space and countless works of literature make for a perfect atmosphere to spark deep conversations.

3) The Origin Tales

This vegan restaurant is a unique, ethical experience for plant-based and flexitarian eaters. The restaurant serves traditional Singaporean cuisine with a contemporary, unorthodox twist. All the food and drink served is completely plant-based, using no animal products. This means the two of you can enjoy mouth-watering delicacies such as Char Kway Teow and Curry Laksa, with the conscience that everything you are eating is vegan and healthy. 

4) Pachamama’s Kitchen

This local business is an eccentric cafe, organic grocer, health store and tapestry fort. It’s essentially a decorated warehouse with the cafe operating at the centre, groceries and health products being sold at the back, and eating and lounge areas dispersed throughout. These secluded nooks – adorned with patterned pillows and blankets – are ideal for sipping on almond chai lattes whilst getting close and cuddly.

5) Benjys Karaoke Bar

Benjys is the ultimate setting to share a couple o’ drinks and get loose. Whether you’re with a group or it’s just the two of you, this brightly-coloured bar is an energetic hub for intoxicated laughs and a whole lotta fun. Bring your crush for a mesmerising boogie under the disco lights or share a mic together and blast your favourite 80s throwbacks.


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