Grey Spaces


content warning: racism, discrimination


I’m playing white girl in brown skin because I guess it’s easier to fit in.

I’m sick of standing out, not fitting into either crowd,

what do you do with people like me, who live in grey spaces in between?


I’m not white enough because my skin says otherwise,

but I’m not brown enough because my actions say otherwise.

I’m left to pick and choose and create something entirely new.

With contrasting labels, my identity is left a muck,

every element is never enough.


I’m not woman enough because I leave my body exposed,

I’m not brown enough because I don’t do what I’m told.

I’m not queer enough because I’m still attracted to men,

I’m not spiritual enough because I play pretend.


Enough, Enough,

I’m sick of feeling not enough.

How is it fair that the world just isn’t designed for me?

I hate feeling like an outsider in everyone else’s community.

Where in the liminal space, the betwixt, the between,

the grey space, a safe space, is called home for me?

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