Halloween Movie Marathon


Originally published October 27, 2021 on radiofodder.com


Halloween in Australia divides the nation. You’re either completely indifferent about the holiday or from the start of October your house is decorated with an assortment of pumpkins and cobwebs—there’s no in-between. Whether you trick-or-treat every October 31st or don’t even realise it’s Halloween, there is one thing everyone loves: a movie marathon. Get out your notepad and start messaging the group chats because here’s a list of Fodder writers’ MUST haves at any Halloween movie marathon.

There’s a mixture of classic Halloween fun, super (super!) scary films, and a fun Disney Channel Original!

Hocus Pocus (1993) 

Available on Disney+
Written by Emma Xerri


Without hesitation (okay, maybe a little hesitation—Get Out and Rocky Horror Picture Show are very close seconds), my favourite Halloween film is Hocus Pocus. In all my 19 years, this film has defined the holiday for me. I grew up with the Sanderson Sisters and their sassy, bold and untamed attitudes. Bette Midler’s vocals in ‘I Put a Spell on You’ are hauntingly good, and whatever the spell was, it worked. It’s as though the messy songbook in my brain instantly knows when it’s October, because this song returns from the dead to spend the month in my head like Billy the zombie awakening from his grave. The costumes are phenomenal, the sisters are brilliant, and I feel secure knowing that when the time finally comes for me and my two sisters to dress up as them for Halloween, I’ll be Winifred. 

Twitches (2005)

Available on Disney+
Written by Nishtha Banavalikar

I could take on the very brave, heroic task of defending Twitches as the ultimate Halloween film but alas, I am a coward. Instead, I ask you dear reader, what does Halloween mean to you? If it’s horror, disgust, and terror… look elsewhere. What Twitches, the Disney Channel Original movie, instead brings to the table is a thrilling, 2000s-nostalgia driven coming-of-age film with an abundance of the supernatural. It’s a story of two twin witches who after meeting on their 21st birthdays have the delightful task of saving their dimension from the clutches of evil. It’s spooky and exciting with endearingly dated early 2000s graphics, and is ultimately a heart-warming celebration of female family dynamics. It helps too that the twitches are played by actual twins, the Mowry sisters. You can literally see how much they love being around each other and it makes the teasing, fighting and cheesy ‘stronger-together’ magic so much more joyful. If you’re looking for a fantastical, surrealist film that never takes itself too seriously, Twitches is absolutely for you.

The Exorcist (1973)

Available on Netflix
Written by Daniel Snowden

The Exorcist is a must-watch classic! As a self-admitted ‘wuss’ of modern-horror, like Midsommar and Get Out, I tend to avoid Halloween movie marathons. But The Exorcist? Well, that’s in the sweet spot of ‘oldie-days’ horror where I can appreciate the horror tropes I like, whilst also laughing at the practically phenomenal, yet respectively amusing, special effects. What is it about? You guessed it… an exorcism takes place on a 12-year-old girl named Regan. But what is it really about? Well, you’ll have to watch it and make your own assertions. But I can say that it is rich in tone, suspense, and theme. Plus, it was allegedly cursed during production so there’s that rabbit hole to explore post-viewing. If you’re looking for some classic horror, give The Exorcist a watch—it’s even on Netflix right now!

The Loved Ones (2009)

Available on Apple TV
Written by Sarah Jackson

There’s nothing quite like the raw, psychological horror of an Aussie slasher film, and The Loved Ones is one for the pool room. It’s full of nice, normal people, living in a nice, normal rural township. But shy little Lola doesn’t have nice or normal interests. It’s a little gory, with a few laughs and a lot of cringeworthy EEEOOOWWW inducing moments. Great for slumber parties. If you are looking for more Australian horror why not try Wolf CreekRazorbackCharlie’s Farm, or Dying Breed.

Over the Garden Wall’ (2014) Miniseries

Available on Stan
Written by Zoe Jayne

I’m not usually one for horror films or anything vaguely spooky. I’m still traumatised from when my Year 9 Legal Studies class had to watch Lord of the Flies to teach us the dangers of a lawless society. I accepted long ago that Halloween would not be my time of the year to enjoy themed media. 

However, a few weeks ago, I found a little show called Over the Garden Wall

This delightful story follows two brothers, Greg and Wirt, who must journey through a mysterious place called ‘The Unknown’ in order to return home. Along the way they encounter strange creatures, eerie locales and experience a combination of charming and terrifying events. It’s creepy for sure with Halloween vibes down pat, but it is also effortlessly enchanting with stunning animation and wonderful characters. I don’t think there is anything quite like it out there. Also, if you binge it (as I did), it goes for 220 minutes, so it’s a perfect addition to a Halloween marathon.

Happy Death Day (2017)

Available to rent on YouTube
Written by Sarah Jackson

Are you looking for something a little scary, but not too scary, and a little funny, but not a full-on comedy? Happy Death Day could be just what you’re looking for. It’s almost a mash-up of Mean GirlsCluelessGroundhog Day, and Halloween. With a strong female lead who you love to hate (and eventually wind up just loving), a murder mystery, plenty of gore, a psychopath on the loose, and all the dramas of university social life, there is something for everyone. The sequel Happy Death Day 2U is also worth a look. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Woman in Black (2012) 

Available to rent on YouTube and Apple TV
Written by Sarah Jackson

If you are sick of horror movies that are all about vampires, werewolves, or gore-fests filled with torture, then The Woman in Black is the one for you. Set in Edwardian England, it is chock full of creepy houses, misty moors and one hell of a scary ghost. This is old school horror designed to chill you to the bone. The film has high production values, brilliant costumes, flawless acting, and atmospheric cinematography—remarkably so when compared to the Hammer Horror offerings of old. The story is absolutely terrifying. Watch it with company and the lights on.

Charmed: Season 3 Episode 4 ‘All Halliwell’s Eve’ (2000)

Available on Stan
Written by Christina Savopoulos

It’s ironic that I’ve put together this collaborative post when I can’t even watch two minutes of a horror film without trembling. If this sounds like you, then maybe Charmed is the show to watch this October! It has witchcraft, incredible (yet sometimes questionable) fashion, and the power of three sisters. This particular episode finds the Halliwell sisters on All Hallows Eve when they’re transported back in time to help their ancestors. We see stereotypical representations of witches, and a discovery of natural ways of healing and using magic, without relying on powers. It might sound super cheesy, but trust me, watch this episode and you’ll spend the next few weeks flying through the series. 

And that’s a wrap on this year’s Halloween movie marathon! As October draws to a close, Mariah Carey slowly emerges to sing her heart out for Christmas. Keep an eye on the Fodder Blog where some AMAZING Christmas film recommendations and playlists will be coming your way.


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