Join the Student Representative Network this year!

Applications to join the Student Representative Network (SRN) are currently open until 31 January.


Applications to join the Student Representative Network (SRN) are currently open until 31 January.

The SRN is a group of students that sit on various University committees, sub-committees, and faculty boards. The network plays an integral role in ensuring quality education by making sure students’ interests are heard by the University.

“In many ways, the SRN safeguards student life and the standard of education,” said the 2022 UMSU Education (Academic Affairs) Officers Moira Negline and Ethan Georgeou.

“By sitting on University decision-making bodies, and having the right to communicate student interests … it [the SRN] helps us utilise and retain access to some of the few in-roads UMSU gets into the university’s decision-making procedures.”

The SRN is appointed by the Education (Academic Affairs) Office Bearers, in consultation with UMSU Advocacy and Legal, the UMSU President, and the UMSU General Secretary.

Students interested in joining the SRN will receive appropriate governance training and information from the UMSU Advocacy and Legal Departments.

Members of the SRN sit on a number of academic bodies that meet regularly throughout the academic semester. The SRN also has regular meetings with the UMSU Education (Academic Affairs) Office Bearers.

These meetings discuss issues raised on boards and talk about how best to promote student interests. Members report back meeting minutes and discussions to the Education Academic Office, who then note any action items and concerns to follow up with.

Prior to a meeting, attendants will receive an agenda that contains the relevant information that will be talked about. Attendants read through this and raise any issues in the meeting on behalf of UMSU and their peers.

The SRN has worked on numerous projects, from translating the library service to its online platform during lockdown restrictions to improving hurdle requirements in degrees.

“The SRN has a unique opportunity to provide student feedback directly in response to proposed changes and measures within the University at all levels of administration,” said Negline and Georgeou.

“Helping the Education Academic Office be up to date and aware of different discussions and agenda items helps us work together for the benefit of all students!”


You can find more information and apply to join the SRN here on the UMSU website.

You can also keep up with the UMSU Education Office on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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